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NateDSanders.com Has Sold the Most Important Star Trek Memorabilia Ever

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Star Trek Memorabilia

Star Trek Memorabilia

Spok in Star Trek

You might think that a tunic worn by Leonard Nimoy or William Shatner would be the most expensive or most important piece of Star Trek memorabilia, but we at NateDSanders.com believe that we have sold the most important piece of Star Trek memorabilia when we sold an archive of Gene Roddenberry letters regarding the formation of the television show.  Here is the content:

Two page letter on Desilu stationery discussing items for creation on “Star Trek” such as the “phaser” and “tricoder.” Also includes personal feelings of discouragement and frustration with production demands. In part: “Dear Alden, Have just completed sketching out for our art people a rather unique three-stage phaser hand weapon-pistol-rifle, one convertible into another.” Dated 25 April 1966 and marked confidential. Tone of the letter on the second page makes clear that Roddenberry is unhappy with his contract agreement. “The point of this, Alden, is that I am finding myself required to come up with the inventions and designs far beyond what we earlier thought necessary and far beyond what any show creator-producer should be expected to provide. I absolutely am not content to see Desilu and others getting from this profits off the top while I have to wait for a profit-loss statement of the entire show.” Roddenberry’s signature is on final page in blue pencil.


Unbelievable four page typed letter, dated 12 February 1965, on Desilu stationery discussing frustration with the network regarding the reception of “Star Trek.”  In part: “Dear Alden, Have just talked to Oscar Katz in New York about present indefinite sales status of “Star Trek”We will be the first who have ever successfully made a TV series with science fiction on a mass audience level yet with the chance for quality and network prestige like ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ For those at NBC who don’t like it or ‘dig it’ I don’t mind if they turn in thumbs down but I have NO respect or tolerance for the comments like If it were just a little shorter, not so cerebral’ That kind of crap would only lead to us making a bad showI am open to suggestions but not those that think the answer to improvement lies in things like add a cute eleven year old boy’ or a dog should be on board the ship.’  I will not stand still for that!” Some stains exist on the second and third page, but do not affect any text or the signature.


Four page letter to Alden Schwimmer on MGM stationery discussing television projects, mentioning “Star Trek” and several other pilot ideas. Unbelievable content four page TLS on MGM letterhead signed “Gene R.” This one pitches two hour long TV series to Desilu and in the letter he says he is waiting to negotiate script royalties, ownership, payments etc. In part: “I  have already delivered a detailed series prospectus for a one hour sci-fi show called “Star Trek” which they were very enthusiastic about its potential as a prime time televisions series.” The next two pages go into wonderful detail about the second one he is about to pitch with various titles such as “Ty Cooper” and “Defiance County” etc. He touches upon numerous writing subjects, including character development and cliff hangers, and television shows and genres such as “Gunsmoke,” “westerns”, “Billy the Kid” and “Secret Service Agents.” He adds that he alone would develop either this or the “Star Trek” series. I am currently adding ideas to these series and will send more once completed. Incredibly exhaustive content.


One page letter on Desilu stationery discussing “Star Trek”, “Assignment 100” and “High Noon.” Reads: “Dear Alden, Am writing this without yet hearing anything definite on “Star Trek.” Whichever way this project goes, sale or no sale, the weekly problem of earning a living continues. Although “Star Trek” has been expensive for Desilu, it has been perhaps even more expensive to me individually in that I continued putting week after week into the project far beyond normal production and post production schedules. No complaints on that score but it is a fact I must see some immediate income either from Desilu or from somewhere else. Herb Solow today put me onto the “Assignment 100” project with the agreement and understanding we need a new approach and a new script, details to be worked out through you as soon as convenient. Also, am delivering in the next twenty-four hours to your office the revised format for “High Noon” which I have been working on in spare time and after hours all through January. Sincerely, Gene.” Dated 8 February 1965, and signed in blue ink. Excellent condition.


One page letter on “Star Trek” picture stationery from creator Gene Roddenberry with the phrase: “From the Log of the Starship Enterprise.” Contents discuss profit incentive plans. Dated 19 June 1967 and marked Confidential to Maizlish, Singer, Schwimmer and Kaplan. “Gentlemen: The attached received from Desilu as a Profit Incentive Plan for this coming season. I had two immediate points;  (1)  that “Star Trek” should be budgeted for this purpose at the same cost as “Mission Impossible;” and (2)  that the worth of the plan depended on what costs were charged and how efficiently the studio could operate for us. I will discuss this with you in the near future. Sincerely, GR.” Some pencil and pen marks to page. Nothing interferes with content or initials.


One page letter on Desilu stationery discussing “Star Trek” and “The Cage.” In part: “Dear Alden, By now you should have received in the mail all three copies of the pilot story outlines for “Star Trek.” Hope you like them. You might even scan “The Cage” again I think you’ll be interested to see how easily it was simplified into a straight line. Hope we can get a decision from NBC quickly on them as I’d like to get into the pilot script as soon as possible. Just a reminder — this arrangement for three pilot story outlines was not as anticipated in our preliminary agreement. As you can see, they represent considerable extra labor and we should discuss appropriate compensation. And, of course, the extra time involved, plus the additional time spent on Assignment 100, makes it impossible to meet the completed script dates estimated previously. While awaiting the “Star Trek” decision, I should get started on something else immediately. Any suggestions?  Sincerely, Gene.”  “The Cage” ended up being the original pilot shot for “Star Trek.” Excellent condition.


One page letter from “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry on Desilu stationery to Alden Schwimmer discussing second “Star Trek” pilot. “Dear Alden, Just a reminder. The “Assignment 100” pilot script has been completed for a week.  Have even met with Oscar and Herb on it, polished it, and will have it ready for mimeograph. As of this moment, Desilu and I have no deal on the script. And, although I’m aware there has not been time to complete an overall Desilu deal, I can no longer go along without some sort of income.  In addition to this, am already beginning to write the second “Star Trek” pilot. And am writing with two other writers on their story lines.  It seems more than unfair to me that I am expected to exercise good faith, to work along on the assumption that we’ll get together on a contract, but they on the other hand feel no obligation to meet their obligations unless an agreement has been reached.  Perhaps you’ve already arranged something. If so, please do me the favor of expediting it. Sincerely, Gene.” Dated 9 April 1965 and signed Gene. Excellent condition.


One page typed letter signed dated 31 December 1964 by Gene Roddenberry to Alden Schwimmer on Desilu stationery discussing income. In part: “Dear Alden, With 1965 almost here I think it’s not too early to analyze what my sources of income will be during the early portion of that year. Even if “Star Trek” should sell, there is a long dry period ahead until this sale is actually consummated and work begins on the show. What do you suggest in this interval?  Is Desilu interested in some more pilot development? Or should I give some attention to free-lance writing As part of this above question, what would the situation be if I went ahead and wrote “High Noon” pilot?  I continue to call it “High Noon” on the assumption some kind of deal can be worked out for the title rights.  Believe me, Alden, this is a potent little item At any rate, will I at the beginning of 1965 own full rights to my development of it to date? Can I begin writing at that time? In short, what is the situation? There is a whole area of work and income here which needs discussing Affectionately, Gene.”  Excellent condition.

This great archive of Gene Roddenberry Star Trek memorabilia sold for $30,000.

FREE APPRAISAL. If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell Star Trek memorabilia, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call Nate D. Sanders Auctions (http://www.NateDSanders.com)  at (310) 440-2982.

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