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The Apollo 17 Robbins Medal — NASA’s Great Rarity Worth Almost $60,000

To auction, buy, consign or sell an Apollo 17 Robbins Medal up to $56,250, please contact Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.

Apollo 17 Robbins Medal

Only 80 Apollo 17 Robbins medal coins were flown to the moon, making the Robbins medal from the last flight to the moon the rarest and most expensive.  We sold one for over $56,000.  Nowadays, Robbins medals are quite collectible, but given the rarity of the Apollo 17 Robbins medal, it sells for about 50% more than the most desirable Robbins medal, the more plentiful Apollo 11 Robbins medal.  Here is the description of the one that we sold at auction, from the estate of Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert:

Jack Swigert’s Own Apollo 17 Flown Robbins Medal, Serial Number 41

Apollo 17 Robbins medal, serial number 41. Sterling silver medal commemorates Apollo 17 as the most recent lunar landing conducted by NASA to date. The mission launched 7 December 1972 and returned safely twelve days later. Pictorial obverse is cast with mission insignia, featuring stylized design elements of the U.S. flag and an eagle, alongside a bust in profile of Greek god Apollo. Figures are set against a detailed space ground featuring the moon and ringed planets. Scene is circumscribed by title, ”Apollo XVII / Cernan-Evans-Schmitt”. Reverse reads, ”Launch / Dec. 6, 1972 / Taurus-Littrow / Dec. 11, 1972 / Entry / Dec. 19, 1972”, circumscribed, ”America – Challenger / Apollo XVII The Beginning”. Coin measures 1.25” and is made of sterling silver, housed in its original ”Robbins Company” plastic box with an ”41” sticker on the bottom. Fine. With an LOA from Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert’s sister.  A superb Apollo 17 Robbins medal flown.  Sold for $56,250.

To auction, buy, consign or sell an Apollo 17 Robbins Medal, please contact Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.

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