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Beatles Memorabilia

At our current NateDSanders.com Beatles memorabilia auction, we have the original drum kit used to record The Beatles’ Very First Single ”Love Me Do”, on their debut album ”Please Please Me” — also used on ”P.S. I Love You”.  The minimum bid is $75,000.  Here is the description of this great piece of Beatles memorabilia and a link:

The original Ludwig drum kit used for the recording of ”Love Me Do”, The Beatles’ first single on their first album ”Please Please Me”, released on 22 March 1963 and ushering in Beatlemania. The session was recorded on 11 September 1962 at EMI London, with this recording of ”Love Me Do” used on the Beatles’ first album ”Please Please Me” as well as the first Beatles U.S. release of ”Love Me Do” and the 1982 re-release of the song. In addition to ”Love Me Do”, this Ludwig drum kit is also heard on ”P.S. I Love You”, which plays on the B-side of the British single and on the ”Please Please Me” album. The kit was played by Andy White during the recording session, who played with the Fab Four that day, with Ringo playing tambourine on ”Love Me Do”. Kit comprises a 14” x 22” bass drum, 16” x 16” floor tom, 9” x 13” tom-tom (which is date-stamped 1956 inside) and 5.5” x 14” snare. Drum head is new. The original Black Diamond Pearl wrapping is present and matches exactly the photo of White playing the drum kit. From the personal collection of Clive Edwards, who studied drum playing under Reg Weller, one of Andy White’s best friends. Weller procured the kit for Edwards after White secured an endorsement deal with Ajax drums. Important item of Beatles memorabilia.  With an LOA from Thea White, the widow of Andy White.

To bid, please go to:  http://natedsanders.com/Drum_Kit_Used_to_Record_The_Beatles__Very_First_Si-LOT45210.aspx

Here are various pieces of Beatles memorabilia that we have sold in the past:

Exceptionally Rare Beatles Memorabilia — John Lennon Personally Owned & Played Musical Instrument — Reed Organ Made of Walnut in Dark Finish — With Provenance From Sotheby’s

Coveted instrument personally owned and played by music legend and 1960’s cultural icon John Lennon. The first time Lennon played an instrument with a keyboard on a record was for his collaboration with McCartney on 1965’s ”I’m Down”, from the B-side to Beatles single ”Help!” Mason and Hamlin brand reed organ, or pump organ, is made of walnut wood and features a dark cherry finish. Accompanied by a slip inscribed, ”Love to Julie / From John Lennon / xxxx” in red ink. Rubber lining on pedals has been replaced. Near fine. A Steinway brand piano of Lennon’s sold at Sotheby’s in 2000 for $2.1 million. Replaced rubber on the foot pedals, else near fine. With provenance from Sotheby’s including original catalog and house-issued certificate of ownership signed by Yoko Ono.  Amazing Beatles memorabilia.  We sold it for $74,535.

Intimate Handwritten Letter by John Lennon on Transcendental Meditation — “…you are searching for ‘something’ (truth) the same as every one else – whether they know it or not. We have been lucky in meeting Maharishi…” — Incredible Beatles memorabilia

A personal autograph letter by John Lennon signed, “Lots of love John Lennon x”, responding to a fan’s inquiry about transcendental meditation. Lennon writes in  an encouraging and unassuming manner, clearly happy to connect with a stranger about a subject he felt passionate about. Undated, though circa late 1967, letter reads in full, “Dear Jean, Thank you for your letter. It makes complete sense to me – you are searching for ‘something’ (truth) the same as everyone else – whether they know it or not. We have been lucky in meeting Maharishi – but his method is simple enough to be taught by the teachers he has taught. We are continuing our ‘lessons’ with these English teachers and I suggest you get in touch with them and find for yourself a nice bit of inner peace. The address is over-leaf. S.R.M. Foundation of Gt. Britain / 20 Grosvenor Place / London, S.W.I. / England / Lots of love, John Lennon x.  Try it – it really works and it’s easy.” Letter also includes John’s partial address at top (“Kenwood, etc.”) Double-sided letter on blue writing paper measures 5.5″ x 7″. Accompanied by (1) original stamped addressed envelope postmarked Weybridge 6 September 1967; (2) letter from “Jean,” explaining that as a Beatles fan she wrote to John Lennon asking about transcendental meditation, having gotten his address from her employer, a florist who had a contract with Brian Epstein’s offices. She included a stamped addressed envelope, as was the way, in the hope it would encourage Lennon to reply. A lovely handwritten letter by Lennon displaying his accessibility and personal values of self discovery. In near fine condition with still bold writing. Accompanied by certificate of authenticity from PSA/DNA. Incredible Beatles memorabilia. We sold it for $28,000.

Beatles memorabilia Intimate Handwritten Letter by John Lennon on Transcendental Meditation -- "…you are searching for 'something' (truth) the same as every one else - whether they know it or not. We have been lucky in meeting Maharishi…" -- With PSA/DNA COA

Intimate Handwritten Letter by John Lennon on Transcendental Meditation — “…you are searching for ‘something’ (truth) the same as every one else – whether they know it or not. We have been lucky in meeting Maharishi…” — With PSA/DNA COA — Important Beatles Memorabilia. Click to enlarge.

Beatles Memorabilia — A Signed ”Bag One” Print — Number 150 Out of 300 — With COA From Roger Epperson

John Lennon rare signed ”Bag One” print, from the series of Lennon artwork first displayed in January 1970 at the London Art Gallery. Entitled ”Threesome”, beautifully spare lithograph features a sexually explicit scene of two women and one man, drawn in red ink to center of 22” x 29” lithograph paper. Lennon boldly signs in pencil to lower right. Numbered ”150/300” to lower left. Light foxing to right edge, else near fine. With COA from Roger Epperson. Erotic Beatles memorabilia.  We sold it for $5,500.

Beatles Manager Brian Epstein Autograph Letter Signed to John Lennon — ”…Just to thank you for taking so much trouble with the selection…” — 1965

Brian Epstein autograph letter signed to Lennon. Called the ”Fifth Beatle,” Epstein managed the Fab Four before his untimely death in 1967 at age 32. Two years prior, in this letter dated 21 December 1965, he writes upon his personal BE stationery, in full, ”My Dear John, Just to thank you for taking so much trouble with the selection – I’ve kept them all and am quite [?]. Only inclusion I’d fault is the cliff – but I can keep it for P.J.B.’s visit! Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year – thanks again. Brian”. Single page letter measures 7” x 9”. Toning, creasing and mild foxing with fading to the text on the right half of the page, overall very good. Early Beatles memorabilia.  We sold it for $2,578.


Scarce Beatles Memorabilia Being an Excellent Content Autograph Letter Signed — With Provenance From Sotheby’s

John Lennon autograph letter signed, ”John Lennon”. He responds to fan mail in 1968 during his trip to Rishikesh, India. Rare Beatles memorabilia.  It sold for $17,365. 

Beatles 1965 Concert Contract Rider Signed by Brian Epstein

In other Beatles memorabilia, we auctioned this contract rider for the Beatles 28 August 1965 concert in San Diego. U.S. Beatles memorabilia.  Sold for $10,780.

Signed by the ”fifth Beatle,” their manager Brian Epstein. This concert was a particularly well-documented event in rock and roll history symbolizing Beatlemania.

Every Beatle brought their own personal style and talent to the mix — and each changed individually as The Beatles traveled to India together in 1968 to study transcendental meditation with the Maharishi, an experience which had a profound influence on both their music and personal lives.

Beatles George Harrison Handwritten Notes on Spirituality

Here, George Harrison writes his very personal thoughts on spirituality to fellow Beatle Ringo Starr in this booklet entitled, ”Fourteen Scientific Reasons Why No One Dies.” Rare George Harrison Beatles memorabilia. It sold for $8,908.

Beatles Memorabilia Beatles George Harrison Handwritten Notes on Spirituality

Beatles George Harrison Handwritten Notes on Spirituality — Rare Beatles memorabilia. Click to enlarge.

FREE APPRAISAL. To buy, sell or consign Beatles memorabilia in our Beatles memorabilia auction, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call Nate D. Sanders (http://www.NateDSanders.com) at (310) 440-2982.  Thank you.

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