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Not too many auction houses have their hands in mostly all types of memorabilia but we specialize in all  of the memorabilia subjects.  We deal in the Big 5 of memorabilia — movie memorabilia, music memorabilia, Presidential memorabilia, space memorabilia & sports memorabilia.  Authentication is most important to us as there are many memorabilia fakes out there.  Second most important is obtaining top dollar for consignors.  Third thing is to gain international publicity for these items.

Movie Memorabilia

Merriam-Webster states that the first mention of memorabilia was in 1785.  But, the memorabilia marketplace including memorabilia auctions like we have didn’t really gain steam until very recently.  The auction markets were mostly dominated with art & antiques not memorabilia.  Just in the last 2 years, we have sold almost $10 million dollars worth of just memorabilia.  In our November auction, we had a huge selection of Bruce Lee memorabilia consigned by the son of Bruce Lee’s close friend and student, Herb Jackson.  We sold a great bunch of these Bruce Lee memorabilia items in our October auction.

Lot# Title Final Price
2 Bruce Lee Personally Owned and Used Heavy Bag $33,901.25
5 Pair of Leather Ankle Weights Personally Owned & Used by Bruce Lee $10,207.50
6 Bruce Lee’s Shield For Jeet Kune Do Training — Extra Heavy Duty Piece of Equipment Was Custom Made Per Lee’s Request $5,236.25
7 Bruce Lee’s Personally Owned & Used Pair of Dumbbells $6,336.25
9 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Boxing Gloves $12,352.50
11 Bruce Lee Athletic Shirt Matching a Photograph of Lee in His Bestseller ”Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method” $19,898.75
12 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Worn University of Washington Athletic Cutoff Shirt $14,948.75
14 Bruce Lee Signed Article From the 1966-67 ”Green Hornet” Era — With Handwritten Notations & Corrections Possibly Made by Lee Himself $6,970.00
15 Bruce Lee Letter Signed in The Last Year of His Life Referring to ”Return of the Dragon” — ”…the premier night of my motion picture in Hong Kong is rescheduled for December 23…” $10,207.50
16 Bruce Lee Owned & Worn Sneakers That He Used During Martial Arts Training $19,898.75
17 Bruce Lee Owned & Worn Adidas Shoes That He Used While Kicking During Training $21,888.75
18 Bruce Lee Owned & Worn White Leather Shoes With 3” Lifts $29,136.25
19 Bruce Lee’s Personally Owned & Worn Everlast Headgear $6,336.25
20 Bruce Lee’s Personally Owned & Worn Leather Sandals $7,667.50
21 Bruce Lee’s Personally Owned & Used Jump Rope of the Kind Referenced in His Book, ”Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method” — Gifted to His Friend & Jeet Kune Do Protege $6,970.00
23 Trio of Different Bruce Lee Business Cards — With Handwritten Notes Probably by Lee on the Reverse $4,326.25
25 Pair of Bruce Lee Owned Scripts For ”The Silent Flute” — The Feature Film Project He Began in 1970, Released After His Death as ”Circle of Iron” — With Copied Page of Hand Notes $5,632.50
26 Bruce Lee Personally Owned Hand Grip For Martial Arts Hand Strength Training $2,137.50

Here are our most expensive auction sales of movie memorabilia, etc. of all-time:

Our most expensive piece of movie memorabilia sold was Orson Welles Citizen Kane Academy Award that sold for $861,542 in December 2011.

movie memorabilia

The Original Oscar awarded to Herman Mankiewicz for writing “Citizen Kane” sold for $588,455.

Oscar statue awarded to Joan Crawford for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role as the title character in the 1945 film “Mildred Pierce” sold for $426,732.

8931b_med movie memorabilia

The Oscar for 1933’s Best Picture “Cavalcade” from the 6th Academy Awards, Fox Film’s First Oscar sold for $332,165.

Norman Taurog 1931 Oscar for”Best Director” for “Skippy”, only the 4th Year of Academy Awards sold for $301,973.

The rarest and most spectacular of all “Citizen Kane” props, the silver-plated trophy presented to Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane, which he holds in the critical scene upon his return from Europe, flush from acquiring diamonds and his first wife. This trophy is the singular one manufactured for the film and sold for $275,544.

8090e_med movie memorabilia

Click to enlarge.


8090e1_med movie memorabilia

Kate Winslet’s screen-worn coat from ”Titanic”worn during her dramatic scenes of the ship sinking with the movie studio COA sold for $164,520.

41143_med movie memorabilia

In music memorabilia, of course Michael Jackson is the highest price item of rock memorabilia that we have sold.  We sold his glove for $199,069 in December 2012.

 movie memorabilia

This might not be part of our Big 5 grouping of memorabilia categories, but we should mention that the most expensive item of tv memorabilia was also just auctioned off a few weeks ago.  The original Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit puppets from Captain Kangaroo sold for $224,579.

 movie memorabilia

To search our prices realized for tens of millions of dollars worth of memorabilia and autographs sold by us, please click here.  The items mentioned above are just the best items we have sold.  Many other one-of-a-kind pieces of memorabilia have been sold.

We are the only MONTHLY memorabilia auction meaning consignors get paid up to 5 or more months faster than the competition, of course, on top of the highest prices realized in the hobby.  We give large cash advances interest free and without an additional loan fee unlike our competitors.  Also, we are the only auction in the business with certain clients who pay more.   See http://natedsanders.com/auctionresults.aspx.  Almost all newly listed memorabilia items sell without many passes like the competition.  No one promotes consignors items like we do.  Not only do we get publicity in top media including international key media like the BBC, but we have been ON THE FRONT PAGES of sites like CNN and Fox News which almost always translates into items selling for double or triple versus had we not received the free exposure.  See http://natedsanders.com/inthenews.aspx.  Plus, the upcoming Christmas auction always obtains the highest prices of the year.  Lastly, we accept reserves.  With all of these advantages, we obtain the consignor at least tens of thousands dollars more than anywhere else when you are selling memorabilia.  Here is an anecdote from this weekend.  In August, a potential consignor phoned us with a tablet Oscar award that we consistently get $100,000 for. See http://natedsanders.com/inthenews.aspx. We have sold 30 Oscars in the past 2 years.  The person decided to NOT GO WITH US and put the Oscar up for auction in a Beverly Hills film memorabilia auction.  The consignor was reassured with the $80,000 – $100,000 estimate the auction house put on his Oscar.  However, the Academy Award sold for just below $23,000 including the buyer’s premium, where the consignor should net less than $15,000.  With us, it was a sure thing that he would have netted $55,000 more.

FREE APPRAISAL. If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell movie memorabilia or autographs with, please email Nate@natedsanders.com or call Nate D. Sanders Auctions (http://www.NateDSanders.com) at (310) 440-2982.

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