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Harry Potter Memorabilia & J.K. Rowling’s Wondrous World

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Harry Potter

Few authors have come to define the contemporary world of children’s literature as J.K. Rowling has. Somewhere around the world at this very moment, a reader is engrossed in one of her books or movies, the characters poignantly vivid, the world magical.

Harry Potter imgres


Rowling’s imagination is tremendous, and though her “Harry Potter” series continue to flourish, culturally, financially, otherwise, her early attempts at getting the books published weren’t always easy — some publishers even turned her down.

Said Rowling,

“I’ve been writing since I was six. It is a compulsion, so I can’t really say where the desire came from; I’ve always had it. My breakthrough with the first book came through persistence, because a lot of publishers turned it down!”

3176173-1748009911-hp.jp_ Harry Potter

We’ve had a great deal of cool Potter memorabilia in the past few years, including the following:

This Scarce J.K. Rowling Signed Harry Potter Book “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” — Only Signed Copy on Market. It sold for $6,571.

An Extremely Rare J.K. Rowling Signed Harry Potter “Quidditch Through the Ages”. It sold for $7,951.

This incredibly rare J.K. Rowling Signed First U.K. Edition, First Printing of ”Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. It sold for $4,061. 

40237_med Harry Potter

The book is also signed by cover illustrator Cliff Wright, whose memorable depiction of the boys flying in the car and whose original artwork we sold prior, and included at the end of this list.

We auction this J.K. Rowling signed ”Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. It sold for $624.

35386_med Harry Potter

Currently, we have for sale this “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” again signed by Rowling in blank ink on half-title page.

40236 Harry Potter

Additionally current, this J.K. Rowling signed first edition, first printing of  “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” signed on the dedication page “To Bryony / with best wishes / JK Rowling”.

38841 Harry Potter

This original Harry Potter “Prisoner of Azkaban” Book Cover Illustration by Cliff Wright. It depicts Harry riding the mythical creature, Buckbeak. It’s additionally signed by Artist Cliff Wright, who first brought many of Rowling’s concepts and characters to life for the series.

38696z Harry Potter

Wright’s imagery has been incorporated into the film versions of the books, and he has said that in the case of Potter, “…a passage from the book was suggested and I began to draw ideas working closely with the publisher. So as to retain as much vitality as possible in the final watercolour painting I only produce small-scale quick pencil/pen sketches as roughs.  Time is spent on character and composition but not yet on execution, so my roughs are very simple.”

This Original Harry Potter “Chamber of Secrets” Book Cover Illustration by Cliff Wright — Depicting the Charming & Memorable Flying Car Scene

38695z Harry Potter

Be sure to check back for other Harry Potter memorabilia in coming auctions!

If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell Harry Potter memorabilia, please email Nate@natedsanders.com.

To view our current monthly auction, click here.


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