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Auctions Memorabilia

FREE VALUATION. To buy, consign, sell or to an auction that auctions memorabilia, please contact Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 699-5791.  To view the auction, please go to http://www.NateDSanders.com.

Auctions Memorabilia

Nate D. Sanders auctions memorabilia.  All memorabilia.  Movie memorabilia.  Presidential memorabilia.  Space memorabilia. Sports memorabilia.  Highlights are below of past prices realized:

Exceptionally Rare John Lennon Personally Owned & Played Musical Instrument — Reed Organ Made of Walnut in Dark Finish — With Provenance From Sotheby’s

Coveted instrument personally owned and played by music legend and 1960’s cultural icon John Lennon. The first time Lennon played an instrument with a keyboard on a record was for his collaboration with McCartney on 1965’s “I’m Down”, from the B-side to Beatles single “Help!” Mason and Hamlin brand reed organ, or pump organ, is made of walnut wood and features a dark cherry finish. Accompanied by a slip inscribed, “Love to Julie / From John Lennon / xxxx” in red ink. Rubber lining on pedals has been replaced. Near fine. A Steinway brand piano of Lennon’s sold at Sotheby’s in 2000 for $2.1 million. Replaced rubber on the foot pedals, else near fine. With provenance from Sotheby’s including original catalog and house-issued certificate of ownership signed by Yoko Ono.  Sold for $74,535.

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Cape Made for Clark Gable in “Gone With The Wind” by United Costumers of Hollywood

Cape custom made for Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in “Gone With The Wind”. Grey cape with a hint of lavender features a stiff collar and United Costume label, which has “Clark Gable” written upon it. Mild toning or sunning to fabric, else near fine.  Sold for $14,375.

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Sailor Suit Custom Made For Steve McQueen by Western Costume

Sailor shirt and pants in off white, with Western Costume labels on both pieces, typed, “Steve McQueen”. The cited production number on the pants’ label is 2400-1. Typically the numeral 1 indicates the garment is the first one worn by the actor before any changes into spares. The shirt is numbered 2402-2 on a tag that is only partially attached to the cuff, with the remainder of the tag absent. Accompanied by a photo of McQueen wearing the design, which is paired for the movie with a sailor’s hat, belt and plain white t-shirt worn underneath. Short-sleeved button-up lightweight linen shirt measures 21″ across the chest. Cotton trousers measure 28 x 29 and feature a button fly. A few tiny stains to the shirt and some discoloration to waistband of the trousers, else near fine.

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Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Used Heavy Bag

Bruce Lee personally owned and used heavy bag from training in his proprietary martial arts philosophy, Jeet Kune Do. Heavy bag by Atlas brand is constructed of off-white canvas and suspends from chains at the top. Heavy bag measures 14.5″ in diameter by 41″ in height. Weighs 73 pounds. Soiling and damp-staining, especially around the bottom, else near fine. Quintessential Lee, from the Herb Jackson Collection. Jackson is well-documented as Lee’s friend and Jeet Kune Do protege from Los Angeles, in whose possession much of Lee’s training equipment was left upon his fateful move to Hong Kong. With a COA from Jackson’s son.  Sold for $33,901.

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Bruce Lee Owned & Used Boxing Gloves

Bruce Lee’s boxing gloves used in teaching and training in his proprietary martial arts method, Jeet Kune Do. Gloves by Everlast are made of burgundy leather with tan leather trim and white cloth brand label, featuring vented palms and the printed number “2616”. Gloves measure 13″ from cuff to tip and 8.5″ across at their widest, including thumb portion. Light overall soiling and wear. Partial unraveling to a seam on the left glove where the thumb portion is joined to the rest of the hand and a small tear to the left glove at fingertip, else near fine. From the collection of Herb Jackson, whose well-documented friendship with Lee began while he trained in Jeet Kune Do at Lee’s Los Angeles martial arts academy in Chinatown. Impressed with Jackson’s background in street fighting, in time Lee befriended his student and invited him to train at his home. Just before his fateful move to Hong Kong, Lee gifted many pieces of his martial arts equipment to Jackson. With a COA from Herb Jackson’s son.  Sold for $12,353.

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Original Oscar Awarded to Orson Welles for Writing “Citizen Kane” — The Only Academy Award Won by “Citizen Kane,” Voted the Greatest American Film of All Time

 Auctions Memorabilia Auctions Memorabilia Auctions Memorabilia Auctions Memorabilia Who auctions memorabilia that is super expensive?  We do.  This is our highest price ever.  The finest and most desirable item in Hollywood collecting — the original Oscar awarded to Orson Welles for best “Original Screenplay” for “Citizen Kane.” This Oscar statue, awarded by The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is the very same statue presented to Orson Welles on 26 February 1942 at the Biltmore Hotel. Now widely accepted as the greatest motion picture in the history of cinema the world over, “Citizen Kane” was nominated in nine categories at the 14th Academy Awards, though this was the masterpiece’s singular win. It is also the only Oscar for a Welles film, won by the first-time director who was able to execute his vision for the film with unheard-of final cut privilege granted by RKO Pictures. Welles’ revolutionary camera, sound, and editing techniques are often cited as evidence of Citizen Kane’s ground-breaking contribution to the universal language of cinema. The multiple controversies the movie ignited at the time of its release were eclipsed only by its ultimate grand scale success. Welles stars in the film, portraying a character whose personal happiness and moral fibre deteriorate as his wealth and power skyrocket – a character based recognizably on publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst. Feeling exposed by its depiction of his affair with Marion Davies, Hearst leveraged his clout and fortune to wage war on the picture. This, coupled with Welles’ shockingly unconventional filmmaking style, alienated enough of the general public to thwart box office success. Hearst’s threats to the industry also spoiled the film’s reception in Hollywood, with the exception of some critics whose reviews acknowledged Citizen Kane’s weighty merit. The movie’s legacy of on and offscreen drama has beset even the award itself; for years it had gone missing and the Academy issued a replacement to Beatrice Welles, Orson’s youngest daughter and sole heir. The original had all along been in the possession of cinematographer Gary Graver, who tried to sell it in 1994. Beatrice learned of her father’s treasure resurfacing and filed suit in California, stopping the sale, and returning this precious piece to the Welles family, who displayed it at the 75th Academy Awards in 2003. Complete chain of ownership will be provided to the winning bidder. The provenance is currently from a private collection. Two engraved plaques are placed on opposite sides of the Belgian marble pedestal. One reads, “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences / First Award / 1941”. The other reads, “Academy First Award To Orson Welles / For Writing / Original Screenplay of ‘Citizen Kane'”. The figure and film reel, composed of gold-plated britannium measuring 10.5″ tall, top the pedestal, bringing the total height to 12″. The pedestal’s diameter measures 5.25″. The award weighs 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Some tarnishing to statue, primarily to the leg area of the figure. The green felt backing under the pedestal is worn away around the edge. Overall in very good condition. A spectacular tribute to the visionary director and screenwriter, Orson Welles, and to the film he brought to life.
Sold for $861,542.

Apollo 17 Robbins medal, serial number 41. Sterling silver medal commemorates Apollo 17 as the most recent lunar landing conducted by NASA to date. The mission launched 7 December 1972 and returned safely twelve days later. Pictorial obverse is cast with mission insignia, featuring stylized design elements of the U.S. flag and an eagle, alongside a bust in profile of Greek god Apollo. Figures are set against a detailed space ground featuring the moon and ringed planets. Scene is circumscribed by title, ”Apollo XVII / Cernan-Evans-Schmitt”. Reverse reads, ”Launch / Dec. 6, 1972 / Taurus-Littrow / Dec. 11, 1972 / Entry / Dec. 19, 1972”, circumscribed, ”America – Challenger / Apollo XVII The Beginning”. Coin measures 1.25” and is made of sterling silver, housed in its original ”Robbins Company” plastic box with an ”41” sticker on the bottom. Fine. With an LOA from Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert’s sister.  Sold for $56,250.

FREE VALUATION. To buy, consign, sell or to an auction that auctions memorabilia, please contact Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 699-5791.  To view the auction, please go to http://www.NateDSanders.com.

Nate D. Sanders auctions memorabilia.  All memorabilia.  Movie memorabilia.  Presidential memorabilia.  Space memorabilia. Sports memorabilia.

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