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The finest collection ever of Bruce Lee memorabilia went up for auction in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 and it sold for high prices.  From the estate of Bruce Lee’s best friend & student, world renowned martial arts expert, recently deceased Herb Jackson, came this collection of never before seen items worn & used by Bruce Lee.



2. Bruce_Lee_1973

Below are some examples from our Nate D. Sanders Bruce Lee memorabilia auction items that have sold:



3 Bruce Lee_lgAbove is a Bruce Lee owned and used heavy bag. Beige canvas heavy bag used in Lee’s revolutionary martial arts practice is stamped with brand name Atlas. From the collection of Herb Jackson, whose well-documented friendship with Lee began while he trained in Jeet Kune Do at Lee’s Los Angeles martial arts academy in Chinatown. Lee, impressed with Jackson’s background in street fighting, in time befriended his student and invited him to train at his home. Just before his fateful move to Hong Kong, Lee gifted many pieces of his martial arts equipment to Jackson.  Sold for $33,901




4. Bruce Lee_lgAbove are Bruce Lee’s personally owned and worn shoes. Pair of white leather lace-up shoes feature a 1” platform under the front of the foot and a 3” heel. Shoes are an approximate men’s size 7.5. Lee’s widow distributed his shoes between the two men closest to Lee who were most similar in shoe size – his brother and Herb Jackson.  Image of Bruce wearing the shoes lifting the barbell is from pp. 114 of ”The Art of Expressing the Human Body’. The other image appears on pp. 14 of a vintage magazine headlined, ”Bruce Lee & The Way of the Dragon”. Sold for $29,136




5. Bruce Lee_lg

Above are Bruce Lee’s personally owned and worn shoes. Pair of leather lace-up shoes in brown, tan and cream feature a 0.75” platform under the front of the foot and a 3.25” heel. Shoes are an approximate men’s size 6.5.  Sold for $29,136




6 Bruce Lee_lgAbove are Bruce Lee’s personally owned and worn shoes. Pair of white leather sneakers by Adidas feature the brand’s trademark trio of stripes on the sides in red and blue. Sold for $21,889




7 Bruce Lee_lgAbove is a Bruce Lee personally owned and worn athletic top, a navy blue sweatshirt with half length sleeves.   Sold for $19,899




8. Bruce Lee_lgBruce Lee personally owned and worn shoes. Pair of white leather athletic shoes feature a stripe design on the sides in black, and the Onitsuka Tiger brand name and logo in red on the cloth tongue.  Sold for $19,899



9 Bruce Lee_lgAbove are Bruce Lee personally owned and worn platform shoes, seen in countless magazine ads during the height of his rising fame in the 70’s. Black leather platform shoes are size 7 with an approximately 2” heel.  Sold for $17,365




10 Bruce Lee_lg

Above is a Bruce Lee personally owned and worn University of Washington athletic top, where Lee majored in Drama.  Navy blue sweatshirt features cutoff sleeves and is printed in white, ”U of W” over the left breast.  Sold for $14,949




11 Bruce Lee_lg

Above is a Bruce Lee personally owned and used focus mitt from training in his proprietary martial arts philosophy, Jeet Kune Do. All leather focus mitt by Biltuff brand in black and yellowish tan fastens across the wrist with an adjustable leather strap and hook.  Sold for $13,068




12 Bruce Lee_lgAbove are Bruce Lee’s boxing gloves used in teaching and training in his proprietary martial arts method, Jeet Kune Do. Gloves by Everlast are made of burgundy leather with tan leather trim and white cloth brand label, featuring vented palms and the printed number ”2616”.  Sold for $12,353




13 Bruce Lee_lg

Above is Bruce Lee’s  personally owned and used double end striking bag from training in his proprietary martial arts philosophy, Jeet Kune Do. Bag by Everlast brand is sturdily constructed of eight panels of pink terra cotta color leather, with brand name stamped in black and labeled ”Genuine Cowhide”. Oblong bag laces up at one end and has built-in leather loops for suspending at both ends.  Sold for $12,353



14 Bruce Lee_lgBruce Lee letter signed. Lee’s letter was sent from Hong Kong just before the premier of ”Return of the Dragon” aka ”Way of the Dragon” in that city. It is addressed to his close friend and Jeet Kune Do protege Herb Jackson in Los Angeles. Postmarked 22 November 1972, the letter reads in full, ”Dear Herb, There has been a slight change of plan which is the premier night of my motion picture in Hong Kong is rescheduled for December 23. There will be just this slight postponement. I have already written James Lee. I hope you are in the process of getting all the necessary documents for traveling and as soon as I get an okay from James’ physical examination, I will write to you to make all the necessary arrangements. Take care, Your Friend, [signed] Bruce Lee”.  Sold for $10,208



From our October 2015 Bruce Lee Memorabilia Auction:

15 Bruce Lee _lgBruce Lee signed publicity photo from the 1966 television show ”The Green Hornet”. Lee played Kato, Green Hornet’s martial-arts partner. Lee signs in black marker, ”To Bruce, Best Wishes / Bruce Lee” above his hand-drawn Chinese character of the Dragon. As Lee was born in the Year of the Dragon and the Hour of the Dragon, he sometimes incorporated the Loong character of the dragon into his signature.  Sold for $12,080



From our May 2012 Bruce Lee Memorabilia Auction:

16 Bruce Lee_lgAbove is a check signed on the account of Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Oakland, California dated 19 October 1964 to John Chorbajian in the amount of $135 ”for rent” from 20 October to 20 November 1964, noted in Lee’s hand. Sold for $6,691



17 Bruce Lee

The Nate D. Sanders Bruce Lee memorabilia auction looks forward to continuing to provide both consignors and collectors the opportunity to share in the celebration of all things Bruce Lee.

We hope to bring you this Bruce Lee screen worn suede suit from ”The Lost Interview’ soon’. Lee was dressed in this ensemble when he uttered his enduring quote, ”Be water, my friend”. During the interview, Lee passionately advised, ”Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now, you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash! Be water, my friend”.  It is expected to bring at least $100,000.

For more recent Bruce Lee memorabilia news:

The Nate D. Sanders Bruce Lee memorabilia auction that featured a one-of-a-kind Bruce Lee jacket that sold in our June 2016 auction for $25,000. Provenance from the Superior Auctions, Beverly Hills Bruce Lee Memorabilia Auction of the Bruce Lee Estate in 1993, Offered by Bruce Lee’s wife, Linda Lee.

 1. Bruce Lee photoAbove is a Bruce Lee personally owned and worn grey cotton jacket, signed and inscribed by his wife and daughter. ”Stirling Cooper London” brand jacket has a nice shearling lining to interior, and two zippered pockets to front.  In black marker to the inside of jacket, Bruce’s wife and daughter write: ”Dennis + Loan, This was one of Bruce’s most favorite jackets! Linda Lee”. And, ”To Dennis & Loan — Best to you both! Shannon Lee”.


To auction, buy, consign or sell Bruce Lee memorabilia, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.  View our current auction here.

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