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Soitanly Some Great Three Stooges Memorabilia & Autographs!

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We were thrilled to have in our September auction a great collection of Three Stooges memorabilia and autographs from “The Boss” of The Three Stooges, bowl-cut in tow, Moe Howard.

Three Stooges Memorabilia

Slapstick was all but pioneered by Larry, Curly and Moe, whom continue to be definitive of the genre in the golden age of Hollywood.

Up for auction was the following Three Stooges memorabilia obtained directly from the Moe Howard estate:

Moe Howard’s Columbia Pictures ID

Three Stooges Memorabilia

Card is signed ”Moe Howard” and is countersigned by Harry D Smith. Howard’s information is typed to verso, including his age, height, weight and the date, 1 July 1942.  Sold for $11,858.40.

Rare Handwritten Outline by Moe Howard For the 1934 ”Three Stooges” Short Film ”Punch Drunks”

Three Stooges Memorabilia

As the second of the Stooges films, in 2002, the film was selected by the Library of Congress as a film with cultural significance, the only of the Stooges films to earn this honor.

Three Stooges Memorabilia

Written on St. George Court stationery, a hotel in Hollywood, 4pp. letter is written on the back of the stationery in pencil, with a great line reading, “…Curly beats his opponent senseless. He is cheered as we fade out…”

Sold for $9,799.20.

Handwritten Dedication Page For His Autobiography

Three Stooges Memorabilia

Howard writes in blue ink, in full, ”Dedication / I dedicate this book to my wonderful wife who had the confidence in my ability to write a book. And to my wonderful Daughter with out whose help there never would have been a book to write. God bless them Both”.

Three Stooges Memorabilia

The final dedication in the book varied just slightly.

Also up for auction are three unique watches, each personally owned, including:

Moe Howard’s Personally Owned Gold Wristwatch

Three Stooges Memorabilia

Sold for $6,082.80.

Personally Owned Round Swiveling Watch

Three Stooges Memorabilia


Personally Owned Timepiece With Custom Inscription

Three Stooges Memorabilia

Click to enlarge.

Sold for $3,049.20.

A rare insight into the leader of the comedic trio’s personal life and the first time on the market for these great items of Three Stooges memorabilia.

FREE VALUATION. If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell, Three Stooges memorabilia or any other movie memorabilia, please email [email protected] or call the Nate D. Sanders Auction House (http://www.NateDSanders.com) at (310) 440-2982.

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