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Screen Used Indiana Jones Memorabilia Used by Harrison Ford Will Sell for Over $85,000 at NateDSanders.com

If you wish to auction, buy, consign or sell screen used Indiana Jones memorabilia for up to $85,000 or more, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.

Indiana Jones Memorabilia

In the movie memorabilia game, the best movies to collect are from “Casablanca”, “E.T.”, “Gone with the Wind”, “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, “Superman”, “The Wizard of Oz” and now maybe not surprisingly, because of continued high prices, Indiana Jones memorabilia.  Anything significant touched by Harrison Ford from “Indiana Jones” will be worth at least $30,000 on most occasions.  Some Indiana Jones memorabilia garments could be worth $85,000 or more or as low as just $10,000 when Harrison Ford is involved.  At NateDSanders.com monthly auctions, we have had the honor to obtain over $30,000 for just his whip years ago.  The bullwhip is now worth $85,000 and we can get up to $85,000 for you when you consign it to our Nate D. Sanders Auction.  Here is the whip we sold:

Indiana Jones Memorabilia

Harrison Ford Whip

BTW, Harrison Ford wardrobe from “Star Wars” is worth even more.  For example, we had “Star Wars” wardrobe from Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.  It sold for $60,000.

Indiana Jones Memorabilia

Luke Skywalker Pants

Unfortunately, Harrison Ford memorabilia that is NOT Indiana Jones memorabilia is not worth as much.  We sold this for $2,082:

Jacket and pants screen-worn by Harrison Ford in the drama ”Crossing Over.” Ford stars as Max Brogan in this ensemble story about immigrants struggling to achieve legal status in Los Angeles. This two item lot includes a navy nylon ”Law Pro” jacket with yellow ”POLICE ICE” lettering on both front and back, also with velcro Ice police badge on chest (size L). Grey cotton ”Dockers” front pleat pants (size 34 x 34) complete the lot. Includes wardrobe tag with Ford’s name, character and scene number. With a COA from Premiere Props. Not Indiana Jones memorabilia though. Near fine.

His Ray-Ban sunglasses sold for even less — just $903

Legendary actor Harrison Ford pair of costume sunglasses from the 2009 drama, ”Crossing Over”. Ford played Max Brogan in the film, an immigration officer. Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are tinted black and are prescription. Includes original brown leather case. Near fine condition. With a COA from Premiere Props.  Not Indiana Jones memorabilia though.

Not Indiana Jones memorabilia though.

If you wish to auction, buy, consign or sell Indiana Jones memorabilia or any other movie memorabilia for our Indiana Jones memorabilia auction, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.



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