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Championship Memorabilia is the Fine Art of the Sports Memorabilia World

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Championship Memorabilia

As the title of this blog suggests, championship memorabilia is one of the higher-end genres of the sports memorabilia world.  Prices have been at least 5 figures for a lot of the items sold.  We have sold over $10 million worth of memorabilia in the last two years.  We obtain the highest prices.

Championship memorabilia interest started with the buying and selling of championship rings.  Super Bowl rings, World Series rings, etc. then blossomed into collectors buying Super Bowl & World Series trophies, etc.

Some championship rings now are worth up to $500,000 each.  Here are some examples of championship memorabilia we have sold in our monthly auctions:

In 2011, we sold Ray Guy’s 3 Super Bowl rings for $96,216:

championship memorabilia

We obtained such a price because we believe that we are best we garnering publicity for memorabilia.  For these Ray Guy rings, we obtained PR in the Bloomberg, CBSESPNFox, Huffington PostLA Times, Sporting News, TMZ, USA Today, Yahoo among others.

Also, in 2011, we sold 3 Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl trophies from a player for $51,741:

championship memorabilia

In February 2013, we sold the Arthur Ashe estate for $350,000 including many awards and trophies.  See below:

Lot# Title Final Price
2 Silver Plate Issued to Arthur Ashe by a Black Newspaper in Missouri Where He Attended High School — ”The St. Louis Argus” $1,200.00
3 Early Silver Trophy Won by Arthur Ashe as a High School Student in 1960 $3,120.00
4 Arthur Ashe N.E.T.A. Open Men’s Singles Championship 1960 Trophy $1,200.00
7 1962 Arthur Ashe Trophy — Won in the American Tennis Association’s National Championships — ATA Was Formed by and for Black Tennis Players $3,775.20
8 Arthur Ashe’s Jacket From the 1962 U.S. Junior Davis Cup $13,045.20
10 Arthur Ashe ”National Hardcourt” Men’s Singles Trophy — Awarded to the Young Star as a UCLA Student $1,758.00
11 Early Arthur Ashe Award Plate From 1964’s International Lawn Tennis Club of The U.S.A. Tournament $799.20
12 Early Arthur Ashe Tennis Trophy — From His Win at the Perth Amboy Tennis Tournament in 1964 $600.00
13 Arthur Ashe 1964 ”Eastern Grass Court” Championships Trophy — Awarded to the Burgeoning Tennis Legend Early in His Career $2,082.00
14 Arthur Ashe Trophy Plate From 1965 — The Year He Led UCLA to the NCAA Championship $1,789.20
15 Arthur Ashe Thunderbird Invitational Trophy From 1965 $624.00
16 Arthur Ashe 1965 Trophy From the 66th Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament — Awarded to the Young Star as a UCLA Student $1,172.40
17 Arthur Ashe Tennis Trophy Plate From 1965 — Awarded to the Young Star as a UCLA Student $1,008.00
18 Arthur Ashe East-End Civic League 1966 Citizenship Award $624.00
19 Arthur Ashe’s Award Plaque Presented to Him by the Forest City Tennis Club in 1966 — For ”Being A Great Guy & A Great Tennis Player” $624.00
20 Arthur Ashe Schmidt’s Sports Award Plaque Bestowed on Him in 1966 $624.00
21 Arthur Ashe’s Trophy Cup From the Thunderbird Tournament as a UCLA Student in 1966 $600.00
22 Arthur Ashe Runners-Up Doubles Trophy Awarded During the 1966 Dallas Invitational — Awarded at the Young Age of 23 as a UCLA Student $624.00
23 Arthur Ashe West Point Robe $1,562.40
24 Early Arthur Ashe Award From 1967 Given to Him as a Lieutenant in The U.S. Army — Year Before His Record-Breaking Victory at The U.S. Open $600.00
25 Arthur Ashe’s Tennis Award From 1967 — Won Just as the Young Star’s Career Was Taking Off $566.40
27 Arthur Ashe’s Armed Forces Interservice Award From 1968 — The Year He Became the First African American Athlete to Win Men’s Singles at The U.S. Open $600.00
28 Arthur Ashe’s Trophy Cup From the 1968 Fidelity Bankers Life Tournament — The Same Year Ashe Made History as Winner of the Men’s Singles Title at The U.S. Open $2,290.80
31 ”Newsweek” Magazine Announcing The Death of Martin Luther King — Kept by Arthur Ashe and Bearing His Name on Subscriber’s Mailing Label $237.60
32 1968 Official Resolution Awarded to Arthur Ashe by the City of Richmond, Virginia, Ashe’s Hometown $261.60
33 Arthur Ashe U.S. Open ”Singles Champion 1968” Badge $1,477.20
34 1968 U.S. Open Trophy Won by Arthur Ashe — The Tournament of His First Race Barrier-Shattering Win $6,082.80
36 Arthur Ashe’s Own 1969 Davis Cup Commemorative Leather Wallet $624.00
38 Arthur Ashe Balboa Bay Club 1969 Invitational Men’s Singles Trophy $799.20
39 Arthur Ashe ”U.S. National Indoor” 1970 Doubles Winner Plaque $624.00
40 Arthur Ashe’s Silver Trophy Plate From the Caribe Hilton Tournament in 1970 — The Year He Won The Australian Open $831.60
41 Arthur Ashe 1970 Passport — Containing The Stamp From His Historic First Entry Into Apartheid South Africa $4,153.20
42 Skandia Cup 1971 Trophy Awarded to Arthur Ashe $624.00
43 Arthur Ashe’s Medal From the 1971 World Championship of Tennis Finals $1,008.00
44 Arthur Ashe’s 1971 Wimbledon Medal — For Men’s Doubles Runners-Up With Partner R.D. Ralston $21,013.20
45 Arthur Ashe’s Crystal Vase Award From The Association of Tennis Professionals — The Organization He Helped Found in 1972 $1,172.40
46 Arthur Ashe’s Day Planner From 1972 — The Year He Was Denied Entry Into South Africa for the South African Open — Also Includes Fantastic Handwritten Note by Ashe About “Pan-Africanism” $1,200.00
47 Arthur Ashe’s Trophy From the 1972 Kemper International Tournament — Part of the World Championship Tennis Circuit $726.00
48 Desktop Keepsake Commemorating Arthur Ashe’s Participation in The 1972 RFK Memorial Tennis Tournament — From Ashe’s Personal Estate $468.00
49 Arthur Ashe ”1st National Tennis Classic” Trophy Cup Awarded in 1972 — Won at the Height of the Tennis Legend’s Career $624.00
50 Doubles Tournament Trophy Plate Won by Arthur Ashe & Robert Lutz — From the Pinnacle of Ashe’s Extraordinary Career in 1972 $831.60
51 Arthur Ashe’s 1972 Finalist Medal From the World Championship of Tennis $1,220.40
52 Arthur Ashe’s Day Planner From 1973 — Part of The Year He Chronicled in His Book, “Portrait in Motion” About His Whirlwind Years of Tennis $1,200.00
53 Arthur Ashe Award From 1973 by His Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi — For ”His Superior Achievements as International Tennis Star And World Citizen” $600.00
54 Elegant Photo of Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe — With Printed Apartheid-Related Poem by His Friend, South African Don Mattera — Regarding Ashe’s 1973 Admittance to the South African Open $915.60
55 Arthur Ashe Tennis Classic Runner-Up Award — 1973 $385.20
56 Arthur Ashe Tennis Classic Runner-Up Award — 1973 $316.80
57 Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe Pewter Trophy Cup From 1973 — Won in The Junior League of Durham Tournament $624.00
58 Arthur Ashe 1973 Kemper International Tennis Tournament Champion Trophy $686.40
59 Arthur Ashe’s ”A” Monogrammed Silver Cup Platter — From the Aetna World Cup 1974 $237.60
60 Award Plate Won by Arthur Ashe in a 1974 Tennis Tournament in Bologna $624.00
61 Arthur Ashe’s Day Planner From 1974 — The Year He Chronicled in His Book “Portrait in Motion” — “beat Borg 6-3; 3-6; 6-3” $1,200.00
62 Arthur Ashe Republic of Kenya Vaccination Booklet $237.60
63 Arthur Ashe Runner-Up Award Plate — Torino, Italy — 19 February 1974 $686.40
64 1974 Trophy Awarded to Arthur Ashe at the Height of His Career $624.00
65 Arthur Ashe World Championship of Tennis Finalist Medal — 1974 $915.60
66 Arthur Ashe’s Day Planner From 1975 — The Year of His Monumental Win at Wimbledon & One of His Most Outstanding Years in Tennis — Ashe Writes “WIMBLEDON STARTS” Boldly on 23 June! $3,775.20
67 Arthur Ashe 1975 Dewar’s Cup Trophy — Awarded to the Tennis Star at the Height of His Career — The Same Year He Won Wimbledon as the First African American in History $3,049.20
68 Gerald Ford Presidential Letter Signed With Postscript to Arthur Ashe — ”…You are a fine example for our youth and we are proud of you…” $1,008.00
69 Arthur Ashe’s Jean Becker Tennis Trophy From 1975 $799.20
70 Medallion Won by Arthur Ashe in the Pacific Southwest Tennis Championships of 1975 — The Year He Won Wimbledon $624.00
71 Arthur Ashe’s Passport, Issued 1975 — With Original Signed Passport Photo of the Tennis Legend Intact $2,342.40
72 Arthur Ashe’s World Championship of Tennis Finalist Medal From 1975 — The Year He Defeated Bjorn Borg & Won the WCT Championship $2,623.20
73 Arthur Ashe’s MVP Trophy From the 1976 Aetna World Cup $600.00
74 Certificate Creating ”Arthur Ashe Day” in Los Angeles From Ashe’s Personal Estate — Signed by The 1976 Mayor of LA $831.60
75 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned Regulations Booklet for The 1976 Davis Cup $120.00
76 Arthur Ashe’s 1976 Day Planner — His Busy First Year Following His Historic Championship Victory at Wimbledon — Also the Year He Set Record Number of Wins at Rotterdam Open $1,200.00
77 Award Given to Arthur Ashe by His College Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi in 1976 — the Richmond, Virginia Chapter, Ashe’s Hometown $624.00
79 Arthur Ashe Award Trophy — Robert F. Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tournament From 1976 $624.00
81 Arthur Ashe’s Finalist Medal From the 1976 World Championship of Tennis $1,626.00
82 Arthur Ashe Plaque Awarded in 1977 by His Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi $624.00
83 Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe’s 1977 Day Planner — He Starts the Year Off With “Beat McNamara” $1,200.00
84 Arthur Ashe Trophy Cup Awarded During the 1977 Robert Kennedy Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament $624.00
85 Arthur Ashe’s United Negro College Fund Tennis Benefit Silver Bowl $600.00
86 Wimbledon Centennial Commemorative Piece Issued to Arthur Ashe in 1977 — Designed by The Queen’s Goldsmith $4,153.20
87 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned 1977 Wimbledon Pen — Commemorating the Tournament That He Won in 1975 as the First African American $1,220.40
89 Arthur Ashe Winner’s Plate From the Palmas Del Mar Tournament in 1978 — One of His Last Wins Before Retiring the Following Year $624.00
90 Arthur Ashe 10th Anniversary World Championship of Tennis Award — Nicely Framed $756.00
91 Arthur Ashe’s MVP Trophy From One of the Very Last Tournaments of His Epic Career — From The 1979 Aetna World Cup — Stunning Gorham Silver Bowl Is Near Fine $600.00
92 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Award From 1979 — The Year the U.S. Team Won First Place $5,026.80
93 Arthur Ashe’s 1979 Day Planner — The Last Year of His Professional Tennis Career as He Suffered a Heart Attack & Underwent a Quadruple Bypass Surgery $1,200.00
95 Arthur Ashe’s U.S. Indoor Championship Men’s Singles Runner-Up Trophy From 1979 — The Last Year of His Stellar Tennis Career $1,172.40
96 Arthur Ashe 1979 Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Award $624.00
98 Arthur Ashe Honorary Degree From Dartmouth College — 1980 $145.20
99 Arthur Ashe’s 1980-85 U.S. Passport — With Original Signed Passport Photo Intact $2,128.80
100 Arthur Ashe 1980 French Silver Platter Award — Engraved ”To Arthur from the French…” $831.60
101 Arthur Ashe’s Honorary Degree From Trinity College in Connecticut $177.60
102 Arthur Ashe’s Wilson Athlete of the Decade Award From 1980 — The Year Ashe Retired From Tennis $660.00
103 Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Semifinals Silver Cup — Ashe Coached the U.S. to Victory That Year as Captain of the Davis Cup Team $1,200.00
104 Arthur Ashe’s U.S. Davis Cup Team Vest — Embroidered With His Name $7,360.80
105 Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Finals Robe — From Ashe’s Year as Captain of the U.S. Davis Cup Team $6,691.20
106 Arthur Ashe’s 1981 Davis Cup Chalice — USA v. Australia — Fine $1,452.00
107 Arthur Ashe’s U.S. Davis Cup Team Vest $3,120.00
110 Arthur Ashe Personal Photo Album From the 1981 Davis Cup — 49 Photos Total $660.00
111 1981 Davis Cup Flag — Argentina vs. United States — From the Personal Estate of Arthur Ashe $132.00
112 1981 Davis Cup Awarded to Arthur Ashe — The Year He Led the U.S. Davis Cup Team to Victory as Captain $756.00
113 Arthur Ashe’s Check Register From 1981 & 1982 $120.00
114 Arthur Ashe 1981 Clay Courts Tie by Givenchy $132.00
115 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Flag From 1981 $261.60
116 Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Final Pen $132.00
117 Arthur Ashe 1981 Davis Cup Award — Ashe Coached the U.S. to Victory That Year as Captain of the Davis Cup Team $261.60
118 Arthur Ashe 1981 U.S. Open ”Past Champion” Badge $261.60
120 George H.W. Bush Signed Photo, Dated and Inscribed to Arthur Ashe $756.00
121 Arthur Ashe Walking Cane — Toledo, Ohio — 1982 $624.00
122 Arthur Ashe Walking Cane — 1982 Davis Cup $624.00
123 Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Chalice — 1982 From Perth, Australia $5,026.80
124 Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Chalice — 1982 From Perth, Australia $1,200.00
125 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Official Issue World Travel Clock $120.00
126 Arthur Ashe’s 1982 Day Planner — When Ashe Segued Into Sports Announcing After His 1980 Retirement $1,200.00
127 Arthur Ashe’s Checkbook Register $120.00
128 National Urban League Award Base for Arthur Ashe — Equal Opportunity Day, 1982 $120.00
129 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Flag From 1983 $120.00
131 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Flag From 1983 $120.00
133 National Pharmaceutical Council Award Presented to Arthur Ashe — 15 September 1983 $177.60
134 Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Championship Medallion Awarded to Arthur Ashe in 1984 $1,200.00
135 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Flag From 1984 — From the Competition Between the United States & Argentina $120.00
136 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Runner-Up Trophy From 1984 $3,775.20
138 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Commemorative 1984 Olympic Award $261.60
139 Davis Cup Romania 1984 Plate From the Personal Estate of Arthur Ashe $316.80
140 Arthur Ashe 1985 American Tennis Association Commemorative Trophy $1,419.60
141 Arthur Ashe’s Award From Armstrong-Kennedy High School in His Hometown of Richmond, Virginia — Awarded in 1985 For ”…Helping This School Effect a Program of Excellence in Education…” $120.00
143 Arthur Ashe’s International Tennis Hall of Fame Medallion $2,520.00
144 Arthur Ashe’s Black Achievement Award From 1986 $600.00
145 Arthur Ashe San Paulo 1986 Brass Tennis Plaque $195.60
146 ”Le Coq Sportif” Brazil Sao Paulo 1986 Plaque Awarded to Tennis Superstar Arthur Ashe $316.80
148 Arthur Ashe Napkin Kept From His 25th High School Reunion $831.60
149 Arthur Ashe’s 1986 Sportsmen’s Tennis Club Festival Program — With Handwritten Notes by Ashe — ”…I am asked about what I do to increase black participation in tennis…” $1,200.00
150 Arthur Ashe Award From 1987 — National Association for Sport & Physical Education $120.00
152 Arthur Ashe’s 1987 Award From Le Coq Sportif Apparel $600.00
154 Arthur Ashe’s 1987 National Urban League Award $600.00
155 Attractive Pictorial Award Plaque Presented to Arthur Ashe by ”Time” Magazine — Features a Print of The ”Time” Article Covering Ashe’s Groundbreaking Victory at Wimbledon $600.00
156 Arthur Ashe’s Big Brothers of New York City Award $120.00
158 George Bush Autograph Note Signed to Arthur Ashe — Thanking Ashe for His Campaign Contribution in 1988 $624.00
159 Arthur Ashe’s Day Planner From 1988 — The Year the Tennis Great Was Diagnosed With HIV $1,200.00
160 Arthur Ashe’s Award From His Induction Into the Eastern Tennis Association Hall of Fame $1,065.60
161 Arthur Ashe’s Emmy Award for Writing the TV Adaptation of His Book, ”A Hard Road To Glory” — Chronicling the History of Black Athletes From 1619-1985 $6,082.80
162 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned ”Father of the Year” Award From 1988 $120.00
164 Arthur Ashe’s Mint Condition 1988 Coin Set Issued by the Pentagon in Observance of Black History Month $120.00
165 Arthur Ashe’s Distinguished Human Service Trophy Presented to Him in 1988 — Made by Tiffany & Co. $120.00
166 Tennis Champion Arthur Ashe Personally-Worn Button-Down Shirt $132.00
167 Arthur Ashe Signed Tennis Program — Also Signed by Althea Gibson $288.00
169 Long Island University Honorary Degree Presented to Arthur Ashe — 1989 $120.00
170 Arthur Ashe’s Official 1989 Wake Forest Honorary Degree for Doctor of Laws — As the Tennis Legend Was Also a Proponent of Civil Rights & Public Service $145.20
172 Honorary Degree From Kean College — Presented at Commencement Ceremonies, May 1990 $120.00
173 State University of New York Honorary Degree Presented to Arthur Ashe — 1990 $145.20
174 Arthur Ashe’s Cap, Gown & Diploma From the Honorary Doctorate He Was Given by Northeastern University $349.20
175 Arthur Ashe’s ATP Tour Chalice — Waterford Crystal $600.00
176 Plaque Given to Arthur Ashe by Northeastern University When the Institution Awarded Him an Honorary Doctorate in 1990 $120.00
177 Arthur Ashe Tennis Racquet Award From Doral — 1990 $1,065.60
178 Arthur Ashe’s Honorary Degree From The University of Hartford $120.00
181 Arthur Ashe’s Large ”Sports Illustrated” Sportsman of the Year Award From 1992 — One of The Most Prestigious Honors Across All Sports $14,350.80
182 Arthur Ashe Handwritten Outline For a Provocative Speech on AIDS — Just Months Before His Death — ”…Our…morality tells us…there’s something wrong with dispensing condoms and needles…” $1,597.20
183 Arthur Ashe Glass Ashtray From His Personal Estate $120.00
186 Arthur Ashe 1992 Day Planner, the Last Full Year of His Life — Includes His Announcement to the World That He Contracted HIV $1,200.00
187 Arthur Ashe’s College of William & Mary 1992 Fraternity Silver Cup $237.60
188 Hat Worn by Arthur Ashe During His Famous Arrest Outside the White House in 1992 at a Protest Regarding the Expulsion of Haitian Refugees From the United States $600.00
189 Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year Award Base — 1992 $120.00
190 Arthur Ashe 1992 Award — ”Thanks For Caring & Sharing” — The Year Before His Death $600.00
191 Arthur Ashe’s Leadership Award From The New York Association of Black Journalists — Made by Tiffany & Co. $132.00
192 Arthur Ashe Signed ”Sports Illustrated” Magazine — One of The Last Items he Signed — Ashe Graced The Cover as Sportsman of The Year in December of 1992 & Died in February of 1993 $915.60
193 Arthur Ashe Signed ”Sports Illustrated” Magazine — One of The Last Items he Ever Signed — Ashe Graced The Cover as Sportsman of The Year in December of 1992 & Died in February of 1993 $2,623.20
194 Stunning Ellis Island Medal of Honor Presented to Arthur Ashe in 1993 — When Magnate Lee Iacocca Headed the Organization to Preserve the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island — Fine $216.00
196 The Last Award Bestowed Upon Arthur Ashe During His Lifetime — The Associated Black Charities Award in Honor of Fellow Black Tennis Pioneer Althea Gibson $3,049.20
197 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed on White House Stationery Offering Condolences to the Family of Arthur Ashe the Week He Passed Away — ”…I enjoyed my visits with Arthur…” $1,969.20
199 Arthur Ashe’s Death Certificate $4,652.40
201 Lot of 200+ Programs From the Funeral of Arthur Ashe $686.40
202 Arthur Ashe’s Memorial Program $120.00
206 Arthur Ashe’s Award From The National Conference of Black Mayors $316.80
207 Arthur Ashe Posthumous Degree From Columbia University $120.00
209 Certificate That Accompanied Arthur Ashe’s Presidential Medal of Freedom — Signed by Bill Clinton as President With Rare ”William J. Clinton” Signature $3,493.20
210 Amherst College Degree Awarded to Arthur Ashe $120.00
212 ”George Thomas ‘Mickey’ Leland Humanitarian Award” — Awarded to Arthur Ashe Posthumously by the Prestigious Congressional Black Caucus $600.00
213 Arthur Ashe International Tennis Federation Silver Trophy — Awarded Posthumously to the Tennis Legend $600.00
214 Arthur Ashe’s Silver Olympic Order — The Highest Award of the Olympic Movement, Awarded Posthumously to Ashe in 1993 $5,118.00
215 Arthur Ashe’s Person of The Year Award From 1993 — The Year the Tennis Great Passed Away $120.00
217 American Federation of Labor ”Murray-Green-Meany Award” — Awarded to Arthur Ashe Posthumously in 1993 $261.60
218 Arthur Ashe ”Arete” Life Achievement Award For Courage in Sports $160.80
219 Arthur Ashe Lot of Mementos From His Memorial Dedication $120.00
220 Waterford Crystal Chalice Awarded to Arthur Ashe Posthumously by the Miami Chamber of Commerce $120.00
222 Northeastern University ”Sport in Society” Hall of Fame Award — Given Posthumously in 1998 $120.00
223 Arthur Ashe Teddy Bear Owned by His Family — With the Image of the Arthur Ashe 2005 Postage Stamp on Its Shirt $120.00
224 Arthur Ashe U.S. Postal Service Teddy Bear — Commemorating the Tennis Legend’s 37 Cent Stamp $120.00
225 Arthur Ashe’s ABC Sports Broadcaster’s Jacket — With a Photo of Ashe Wearing It on Set $2,520.00
226 Arthur Ashe’s Personal Address Book — With Handwritten Entries by Ashe of His Friends & Acquaintances — Including Muhammad Ali, O.J. Simpson, John McEnroe, Walter Cronkite & Many More $1,200.00
227 African Art Piece Personally Made For & Given to Arthur Ashe For His Anti-Apartheid Work — Engraved “SIPHO”, the Nickname for Ashe Meaning “Gift” $1,342.80
228 African Art From the Personal Estate of Arthur Ashe $120.00
229 Arthur Ashe’s ”Air Travel Card” Signed $132.00
230 Arthur Ashe’s American Express Platinum Card $1,200.00
231 Arthur Ashe’s American Express Luggage Tag $120.00
232 Arthur Ashe Handwritten Note Signed — Accompanying an ”African American Athletic Association” Typed Report $261.60
234 Arthur Ashe Association of Tennis Professionals Neck-Tie $160.80
235 Arthur Ashe Tennis Ball Signed $514.80
236 Arthur Ashe Signed Tennis Ball — ”Peace, Arthur Ashe Jr.” $385.20
238 Arthur Ashe Blue Cross Health Card $120.00
239 Arthur Ashe Worn & Personally Owned Italian Leather Boots $120.00
240 Arthur Ashe’s Sterling Silver Bracelet — Engraved ”Arthur” $1,200.00
241 Cuff Bracelet Owned and Worn by Arthur Ashe $132.00
242 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Turquoise Cuff Bracelet $1,477.20
243 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Used Burgundy Leather Briefcase — Filled With His Own Paperwork $216.00
245 Arthur Ashe Walking Cane $120.00
246 Arthur Ashe Engraved Wooden Walking Cane $120.00
247 Arthur Ashe Silver Handle Tourist Walking Cane $160.80
248 Arthur Ashe Cane With Silver Tourist Handle $120.00
249 Arthur Ashe Gucci Walking Cane $216.00
251 White House Pen Given to Arthur Ashe by Bill Clinton — Fine $424.80
252 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned Fur Coat $879.60
253 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Used Computer Bag $120.00
255 Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Jacket $6,691.20
256 Arthur Ashe Custom Davis Cup Jacket $4,153.20
257 Arthur Ashe’s Davis Cup Jacket $7,360.80
258 Arthur Ashe USA Davis Cup Pants $3,049.20
259 Arthur Ashe U.S. Davis Cup Patch $1,220.40
260 Davis Cup Custom Tie From Arthur Ashe’s Estate $261.60
261 Arthur Ashe Custom Made Davis Cup Tie $385.20
262 Davis Cup Tie Custom-Made for Arthur Ashe $624.00
263 Davis Cup Neck-Tie Issued to Former USTA President Marvin Richmond — From Arthur Ashe’s Personal Collection $120.00
264 Arthur Ashe’s Own U.S.-Italy Davis Cup Silk Neck-Tie $132.00
265 Davis Cup Neck-Tie Custom Made for Arthur Ashe’s Tennis Trainer Bill Norris — From Ashe’s Personal Estate $120.00
266 Arthur Ashe’s Own Davis Cup Neck-Tie $160.80
267 Arthur Ashe Owned Davis Cup Tie — Germany-United States $132.00
268 Arthur Ashe Davis Cup Neck-Tie $177.60
269 Collection of Honorary Degree Robes Awarded to Tennis Superstar Arthur Ashe $624.00
270 Arthur Ashe Trophy From the Detroit Tennis Club Invitational Tournament — 1st Place in Singles $600.00
271 Arthur Ashe’s Brass Trophy From His Doubles Win at the Detroit Tennis Club Invitational $600.00
272 Arthur Ashe’s Driver’s License $624.00
273 Iconic Pair of Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn Trademark Eyeglasses $120.00
274 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Pair of His Signature Aviator Glasses — The Tennis Legend Was Stylistically Known for His Sunglasses $261.60
275 Arthur Ashe Reflection Free Aviator Glasses $624.00
276 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned & Worn Pair of Glasses — Which Defined the Tennis Star’s Style $261.60
277 Arthur Ashe Ray-Ban Sunglasses — Ashe Was Famously Known for His Stylish Sunglasses $1,220.40
278 Family Statue From Arthur Ashe’s Personal Estate $600.00
279 Arthur Ashe’s Silver Trophy Cup From the Fidelity Bankers Life Invitational Tennis Tournament $1,065.60
280 Arthur Ashe’s Silver Trophy Cup — Undated Doubles Champ Award From Fidelity Bankers Life Invitational Tournament $600.00
281 Arthur Ashe Head Brand Cap — From His Personal Estate $120.00
282 Arthur Ashe’s Own Head Brand Cap $120.00
286 Arthur Ashe’s Beer Stein Trophy From The Holten Tennis Classic in St. Louis, Missouri $756.00
287 Arthur Ashe’s International Tennis Hall of Fame Glass Pitcher $145.20
289 Arthur Ashe ITC Collegiate Hall of Fame Certificate $686.40
290 Arthur Ashe’s Beige YSL Tweed Jacket $120.00
291 Arthur Ashe’s Navy Blue Jacket $120.00
292 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn Italian Leather Jacket — Fine $120.00
293 Tennis Great Arthur Ashe’s Tweed Jacket From His Personal Estate $120.00
294 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn YSL Jacket $120.00
295 LeCoq Sportif Brand Windbreaker Jacket Worn by Arthur Ashe From His Personal Estate $132.00
296 Arthur Ashe Worn HBO Jacket From His Personal Estate $624.00
297 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn Winter Jacket $120.00
298 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Leather Jewelry $120.00
299 Arthur Ashe’s Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Necklace From UCLA $316.80
300 Arthur Ashe’s Martin Luther King Sports Award — Pair of Brotherhood Medallions Awarded by Dr. Ralph David Abernathy $660.00
301 Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe’s Harold A. LeBair Memorial Award — For Good Sportsmanship & Made by Cartier $660.00
302 Arthur Ashe Life Insurance Card $120.00
307 Arthur Ashe Signed MasterCard From His Last Years $600.00
308 Original Typed Poem by South African Poet Don Mattera Written to Arthur Ashe — “…that one man should love another / across the span of land and time…I love you…” $120.00
309 University of the State of New York Regents Medal of Excellence $120.00
310 Arthur Ashe Certificate — Recognizing His Use of Black Professionals for His Health Care $120.00
312 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Monogrammed Sterling Silver Money Clip $424.80
313 Arthur Ashe’s Thurman Munson Award $600.00
316 Silver Pitcher Awarded to Arthur Ashe as National Campaign Chairman & ”Champion for Heart” $120.00
317 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Ornate Bead & Metal Necklace $756.00
318 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Turquoise Necklace $120.00
319 Gold Necklace Personally Worn by One of the World’s Greatest Tennis Players of All Time, Arthur Ashe $1,200.00
320 Arthur Ashe Turquoise & Coin Necklace $120.00
321 Arthur Ashe’s Turquoise Necklace $145.20
322 Arthur Ashe’s Turquoise Necklace $424.80
323 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn Silver Necklace $600.00
324 New York Knicks Uniform Personally Owned By Arthur Ashe $1,789.20
325 Arthur Ashe’s Notebook From 1987-1990 — Filled Out in His Hand With Contacts’ Names & Numbers, His Health Information, Bible Quotes, Details of a Scholarship Program, Etc. $1,892.40
326 Arthur Ashe Notebook of Contacts — With Notes in His Hand — ”…Clinton letter…Send Davis Cup outfit to Hall of Fame…” & Dated Entries From The Last Week of His Life $3,049.20
327 Arthur Ashe 4-H Club Brass Paperweight — With ”Arthur Ashe” Engraved $195.60
328 Arthur Ashe Penthouse Club Card $120.00
332 Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $288.00
333 Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $316.80
334 Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $316.80
335 Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $288.00
336 Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $316.80
337 Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $316.80
338 Excellent Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $316.80
339 Arthur Ashe Signed Wimbledon Photo $349.20
340 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo — Depicting the Tennis Star in His Davis Cup Uniform $316.80
341 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo — Depicting the Tennis Star in His Davis Cup Uniform $288.00
342 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo — Depicting the Tennis Star in His Davis Cup Uniform $349.20
343 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo of Him Playing Tennis $237.60
344 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo of Him Playing Tennis $216.00
345 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo Playing Tennis $349.20
346 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo of Him Playing Tennis $349.20
347 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo $132.00
348 Arthur Ashe Signed 8” x 10” Photo of Himself as Wimbledon Victor $1,200.00
349 Arthur Ashe 5” x 7” Signed Photo $132.00
350 Arthur Ashe Signed Photo $288.00
351 Ronald Reagan 10” x 8” Photo With Arthur Ashe $424.80
353 Arthur Ashe Head Brand Tennis Racket Cover — From His Personal Estate $514.80
354 Arthur Ashe’s Own Brand of Tennis Racket Made Into a Timepiece — With Black Enterprise Magazine Cover Showing Ashe With a Racket From His Line $624.00
355 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned Gold Ring $624.00
357 Unique Sculpture of Arthur Ashe by Bronze Sculpture Artist John Petek $624.00
358 Arthur Ashe’s Worn & Personally Owned Golf Cleats $120.00
359 Arthur Ashe’s Worn Golf Cleats From His Personal Estate $160.80
360 Arthur Ashe’s Tennis Shoes $237.60
361 Arthur Ashe’s Tennis Shoes $514.80
362 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn Loafer Shoes $120.00
363 Arthur Ashe’s Worn Tennis Shoes $424.80
364 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned and Worn Arthur Ashe Brand Tennis Shoes — From His Own Line of Head Brand Athletic Gear $424.80
366 Arthur Ashe’s Southern California Tennis Association Silver Trophy Bowl — Honoring His 1963, 1975 & 1978 Wins at the Pacific Southwest Tennis Championships $1,290.00
367 Arthur Ashe’s Handwritten Notes for a Speech to Black Graduates — ”…Affirmative action for me was a last resort…The rest of America basically doesn’t like us…” $3,120.00
368 Arthur Ashe Handwritten Draft of a Speech on Black Youth From the End of His Life — With a Program From The Event — ”…many are willing to ‘write [young black men] off’…they are so wrong…” $1,597.20
369 Arthur Ashe’s Handwritten Outline for a Speech on Black Athletes — ”…White America, for the first time, saw…records…smashed by members of a group they assumed to be inferior…” $1,934.40
370 Arthur Ashe’s Honorary Degree From St. John’s University — Diploma & Citation in 2 Striking Red Portfolios $120.00
371 Impressive Statue of Arthur Ashe Posing Mid-Serve $624.00
372 Arthur Ashe Stockholm Open Tie $120.00
373 Arthur Ashe’s Black Velvet Suit — Pants & Jacket $195.60
374 Arthur Ashe’s Own Pierre Balmain Suit $132.00
375 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn Charcoal Grey Pinstripe Wool Suit by Lanvin $120.00
376 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned & Worn Suit by Italian Designer Loro Piana $120.00
377 Arthur Ashe Brown Valentino Suit $261.60
379 Arthur Ashe USTA Centennial Tie $261.60
380 Lot of 25 Neckties Worn by Arthur Ashe From His Personal Estate $624.00
381 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned Toiletry Bag $120.00
382 To Honor His Boycott of South African Tennis, Arthur Ashe’s Award From TransAfrica — Also With His Handwritten Acceptance Speech, ”…’Some of my best friends are black’…” $1,200.00
383 Arthur Ashe’s Own Personal Monogrammed Leather Travel Bag $120.00
384 Caribe Hilton International Tennis Trophy Awarded to Superstar Arthur Ashe $968.40
385 Arthur Ashe UCLA Letter Sweater $4,153.20
386 UCLA Award Presented to Arthur Ashe in 1966 — at the Upswing of His Stellar Tennis Career $600.00
387 Arthur Ashe UCLA Alumni Award $624.00
388 Arthur Ashe UCLA ”Alumnus of the Year” Pin $132.00
389 Arthur Ashe’s Own UCLA Cap $132.00
390 Arthur Ashe’s UCLA Banner $132.00
391 Arthur Ashe’s Gold Fraternity Pin $349.20
392 UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame Medallion — Awarded to Arthur Ashe in 1984 as One of the HOFer’s Charter Members $624.00
393 Arthur Ashe Personally Owned UCLA Key Chain — Where the Tennis Legend Got His Start as a Star Undergrad Player $261.60
395 Arthur Ashe WHO Vaccination Booklet Twice-Signed $145.20
397 Arthur Ashe’s Personally Owned Wallet With His ”AA” Initials Embossed in Gilt $624.00
398 Arthur Ashe’s Posthumous Degree From Yale $132.00

Arthur Ashe’s Wimbledon medal from 1971 for his 2nd place finish with R.D. Ralston in Men’s Doubles sold for $21,013.

championship memorabilia

A Tom Sturdivant 1956 Yankees World Series Championship ring, with a letter of authenticity from Mrs. Elaine Sturdivant sold privately in 2011 for almost $20,000.

championship memorabilia

Two bidders feverishly went after Chet “The Jet” Walker’s Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame trophy from his September 2012 induction and when the August 2013 auction ended, the final sale price was $40,954.  It is quite unusual for a Hall of Fame trophy to come to market; in fact, this might be just the third.

championship memorabilia

Chet “The Jet” Walker consigned his Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ring to the September 26th, 2013 auction.

championship memorabilia

It sold for $49,555.20.

As further proof that our clients are hungering for sports awards, we have sold 3 World Cup trophies in 2013 for almost $90,000 total.


championship memorabilia

Regarding selling championship memorabilia and sports memorabilia — Our next auction after November will be Tuesday, December 17th.  The consignment deadline is the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 27th.  We are the only MONTHLY memorabilia auction meaning consignors get paid up to 5 or more months faster than the competition, of course, on top of the highest prices realized in the hobby.  Full payment for the December auction will be made to consignors at the beginning of February unlike the other auction houses which will settle in the summer or fall. We give large cash advances interest free and without an additional loan fee unlike our competitors.  Also, we are the only auction in the business with certain clients who pay more.   See http://natedsanders.com/auctionresults.aspx.

Almost all newly listed memorabilia items sell without many passes like the competition.  No one promotes consignors items like we do.  Not only do we get publicity in top media including international key media like the BBC, but we have been ON THE FRONT PAGES of sites like CNN and Fox News which almost always translates into items selling for double or triple versus had we not received the free exposure.  See http://natedsanders.com/inthenews.aspx.

Plus, the upcoming Christmas auction always obtains the highest prices of the year.  Lastly, we accept reserves.  With all of these advantages, we obtain the consignor at least tens of thousands dollars more than anywhere else when you are selling memorabilia.  Here is an anecdote from this weekend.  In August, a potential consignor phoned us with a tablet Oscar award that we consistently get $100,000 for. See http://natedsanders.com/inthenews.aspx. We have sold 30 Oscars in the past 2 years.  The person decided to NOT GO WITH US and put the Oscar up for auction in a Beverly Hills film memorabilia auction.  The consignor was reassured with the $80,000 – $100,000 estimate the auction house put on his Oscar.  However, the Academy Award sold for just below $23,000 including the buyer’s premium, where the consignor should net less than $15,000.  With us, it was a sure thing that he would have netted $55,000 more.

FREE ESTIMATE. To auction, buy, consign or sell championship memorabilia, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call Nate D. Sanders Auctions (http://www.NateDSanders.com) at (310) 440-2982.  View our current auction here.

Please let us know if you have championship memorabilia for sale. Top dollar obtained for your championship memorabilia.

Nate D. Sanders Auctions offers the following services for championship memorabilia:

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Ralph Serpico —

My grandfather played in the 1945-46 rose bowl for Illinois vs UCLA. I have a picture taken before kickoff with the players lined up in position. The picture was signed by all the players on his team. He played for Illinois. I have so much from that game that it is piling up and just collecting dust. I want to sell the picture. Would you know any one who might be looking to buy it? It is in good condition. Please let me know
Ralph J Serpico
Park Ridge IL

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