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Babe Ruth Memorabilia Focus — His Bat

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Baseball aficionados of course associate Babe Ruth with his epic power swing that forever rattled stadiums in the 20th century with his record-breaking 714 home runs and slugging % of .690.

But look a little closer at what made the HOFer’s swing so powerful, and you’ll find that the size and weight of his bat became something of empirical legend.

Babe Ruth memorabilia

via BaseballFever 

This interesting article by our friends over at PSA investigates the particulars of Ruth’s bat selection, Babe Ruth memorabilia, and why, with a quote by the Bambino himself weighing in, pun intended:

“In my first three years as a fielder, following five or six years of pitching, I used bats 36 inches long and anywhere from 40 to 54 ounces in weight. I then began experimenting with the length, and found out what I should have known all along, that I could do better with a shorter bat. So I switched to 35 inches and sometimes slightly less in the twelve or thirteen years that followed.”

It is said he kept his feet 8″ apart consistently by some, that he began upward cuts with an extra twist as he made contact, and according to sports writer Grantland Rice, he kept it consistent:

“Throughout his career of twenty years, Ruth never changed the basics of that gorgeous, gargantuan arc — a swing that fascinated the crowd as much as the personality of the man behind it. To watch Ruth go down swinging, often sprawling from the violence of his cut, was almost as exciting as seeing him blast one out of the park.”

Babe Ruth Memorabilia

As his bats are incredibly scarce to come by, we were honored to be auctioning a Babe Ruth signed baseball bat in our December 2012 auction. This item of Babe Ruth memorabilia, a Louisville Slugger 40-BR 1930s game model is wooden with ”Trade Mark George Babe Ruth” signature engraved near top of bat. Accompanied by PSA/DNA Letter of Authenticity.

Perhaps it was the weight of one bat over another, but the Sultan of Swat could knock ’em out of the park consistently with the Slugger, as he said himself,

“As I have said, bats were always important to me, and it is no wonder that I like to recommend Louisville Sluggers every chance I get.” 


Babe Ruth memorabilia

Values of Babe Ruth memorabilia vary.  A Babe Ruth autograph should be worth $3,500.  A signed bat at least $10,000.  A game used baseball bat around $100,000 and a uniform around $5 million.

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