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Still Reeling From The Shot Heard Round the World

Larry Jansen became stuff of legend when he helped the Giants defeat the Brooklyn Dodgers as the winning pitcher during that epic 3 October 1951 pennant run National League championship game — that became famous for the “Shot Heard Round the World” moment that sent the Giants into the World Series.

Larry Jansen

As Bobby Thomson hit a three-run homer off Ralph Branca, the Giants came back from a near loss, defeating the team 5-4.

Jansen recalled the excitement in the 1991 book “The Home Run Heard ’Round the World”:

“The Dodgers stood there at the edge of the dugout…They were yelling at me, ‘Jansen, you can go home now.’ But strange things can happen in this game. It was my duty just to keep pitching and hoping.”

A right-handed pitcher, Jansen helped the NY Giants win more than 20 games from 1947 – 1953.

Larry Jansen

It’s been our privilege to auction an incredible amount of items used, worn and owned by Larry Jansen in one of our biggest baseball memorabilia collections — in our November auction, we sold over 30 items from Jansen’s personal estate, from his 1951 special-issued NY Giants World Series bat, which sold for $2,886.00.

Larry Jansen

To his 1951 NY Giants away game uniform, from the All-Star year in which the team won the National League pennant, and which sold for $1,477.20.

Larry Jansen

In our December auction, we’re featuring another 40 items from Larry Jansen’s personal estate, commemorating a career spanning three decades of major league baseball.

Mostly baseballs, each with 15 – 30 signatures of baseball legends from the New York and San Francisco Giants, the Portland Beavers, the Seattle Rainers, the National League All Stars —

Including this All Star ball signed by 30 All Stars, including Jansen, Jackie Robinson, Sal Maglie, Wally Westlake and more.

Larry Jansen

Another 1961 San Francisco Giants ball in the auction has 28 signatures in total, including Jansen, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda and many more.

Larry Jansen


We’re auctioning many signed Giants baseballs from seasons 1940s-1970s, as he became a coach to other pitchers after his successful 1950s run.

Most impressive is this Signed ball commemorating that epic moment in baseball history, the “Shot Heard Round the World.” Signed by the key players, Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca — as Branca pitched and Thomson hit, clinching the 1951 National League Pennant for the New York Giants.

Larry Jansen

Larry Jansen

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