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Welcome to the NEW Nate D Sanders Auction Blog!

Welcome to the NEW Nate D. Sanders Blog!Hello and welcome to the still-in-progress brand spanking new Nate D. Sanders auction blog!  We are VERY excited to have you here and we look forward to connecting with many of you in the coming weeks, months and years.

Nate D. Sanders

Since 1986 our auction house has been consigning some of the world’s most exciting, memorable and collectible auction items. From the Oscar given Orson Welles for “Citizen Kane” some 70 years ago to the 1943 Best Director Oscar for “Casablanca” to our recent $500,000 in original Charles Schulz comic art, our auction house is renown as the World’s #1 choice for famed Hollywood Oscar memorabilia and private “Peanuts” art collections.

Are you looking for rare historical documents, autographed letters and documents from history’s most famous personalities, or hard-to-find and unusual historical memorabilia? If so, the auction house of Nate D. Sanders has something for you. From the original death certificate of famed Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to the VERY Pine Casket he was buried in, if past success is any indicator of future success, then we are your one AND only choice if you possess rare and collectible items from which you wish to garner the highest return!

Do you have a high quality item that you would like to get the absolute maximum price possible? If so, please call us at (310) 440-2982 or fill-out our online consignment form. A representative of Nate D. Sanders will contact you concerning your items.



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Shanna —

I have a pack of non-filter camel cogarettes, never opened, has presidential seal and says “WELCOME ABOARD PRESIDENTIAL AIRCRAFT” inside the cellophane. Looking for a buyer and wondering how much they may be worth. Has a mouse nibble on top corner and a little squished, but otherwise mint. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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