Wilbur Wright Autograph

Wilbur Wright Autograph on a 12″ x 16″ Photo Sells for $36,000 at

To buy, sell or consign a Wilbur Wright autograph, please email or call Nate D. Sanders at (310) 440-2982.  Thank you.
Wilbur Wright Autograph
A Wilbur Wright autograph is rare and expensive because he died young at age 45.  A Wilbur Wright autograph is rarely encountered where as his brother Orville is prevalent, especially since a stash of Orville Wright signed checks came onto the market in the thousands.  Here are the Wilbur Wright autograph items that we at…

Wright Brothers Autograph Patent Document Signed Sells for $15,000 at Nate D. Sanders

To buy, sell or consign a Wright Brothers Autograph (Orville &/ or Wilbur), please email or call Nate D. Sanders at (310) 440-2982.  Thank you.
Wright Brothers Autograph
This very historic and important Wright Brothers Autograph; a U.S. Patent Office document was signed by Orville Wright on 25 October 1916, releasing five patents including the notorious #821,393.

Originally approved as a patent in May 1906, #821,393 allowed the Wright Brothers to dominat…

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