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Paul Cadmus Artwork

From Wikipedia:

Paul Cadmus (December 17, 1904 – December 12, 1999) was an American artist. He is best known for his paintings and drawings of nude male figures. His works combined elements of eroticism and social critique to produce a style often called magic realism. He painted with egg tempera.


We have sold 3 Paul Cadmus art works for around $50,000 and will list them below.

Paul Cadmus Artwork; A Charcoal Portrait — “Jen”

American artist Paul Cadmus artwork; a…

William Henry Harrison Autograph Signed as President Costs a Fortune!

From Wikipedia:

William Henry Harrison took the oath of office on March 4, 1841, a cold and wet day.[62] He wore neither an overcoat nor hat, rode on horseback to the ceremony rather than in the closed carriage that had been offered him, and delivered the longest inaugural address in American history.[62] At 8,445 words, it took him nearly two hours to read, although his friend and fellow Whig Daniel Webster had edited it for length. Harrison then rode through the streets in the inaugura…

Did You Know that the John Adams Autograph Can be More Valuable Than a Thomas Jefferson Autograph?

If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell a John Adams autograph similar to the one we just sold for $45,000, a John Adams autograph in a book such as the one we have in our fall auction, a John Adams autograph document signed or a John Adams autograph letter signed, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.

The John Adams autograph is more popular than the President himself.  In history, John Adams plays second fiddle to Thomas Jefferson, and perhaps rightfully…

Norman Rockwell Art at NateDSanders.com

If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell Norman Rockwell art, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com for a free appraisal.

To some, he is just an illustrationist.  To others he is a fine artist.  But however you categorize him, Norman Rockwell art generally starts around $30,000 for a somewhat decent piece.  Here at NateDSanders.com, we have sold two pieces of Norman Rockwell art; two we think are quite unique.

Around 10 years ago, when looking at a collection from a former…

Thomas Hart Benton Art for Sale & Wanted

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired an original Thomas Hart Benton art work and we are offering it for sale in our store.

Thomas Hart Benton painting entitled ”Construction Workers”. 9” x 6.75” oil on paper is circa 1923. Benton, a leader of the regionalist movement, was a muralist, social critic and teacher of other important artists, including Jackson Pollock. His subject matter honored everyday American life, often ordinary people, such as these workers, in the throes of…

The Henry VIII Autograph is $40,000 Plus

One of the most expensive autographs, bought in force by American and other worldwide collectors, is not an American President as you might expect, but the ruthless 16th century English monarch from the House of Tudor named Henry VIII.  Here at NateDSanders.com, we have sold 3 Henry VIII autograph in the last three years totaling $130,000 for the trio.

Our most recent Henry VIII autograph sold in August 2012 for…

Championship Rings for Sale at Auction — Trophies Too

If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell important sports awards, championship rings for sale or trophies, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com.

To view our current auction’s selection of memorabilia, click here.

Championship rings for sale are a big business with most player’s rings in pro ball having their rings valued at least in the thousands, a lot in the tens of thousands and some of the best of all time valued at around half a million dollars.  Here are few examples of…

On the Assassination’s 53rd Anniversary, Remembering the Most Talked About John F. Kennedy Memorabilia Auction

If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell John F. Kennedy memorabilia or autographs in our next John F. Kennedy memorabilia auction, please email Nate@natedsanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.
John F. Kennedy Memorabilia
Here is the story on famous John F. Kennedy Memorabilia Auction Related to His Assassination:

It all started when Nate Sanders got a phone call from a co-owner of a funeral home in Fort Worth, Texas in 2010.  It turned out that this funeral home had prepared…

A Very Rare Thomas Jefferson Autograph Letter Sold Here

A Thomas Jefferson autograph is common enough as the President signed many documents and letters in his day without help from a secretary.  Prices start at just $3,000.  But in 2011, we were lucky enough to obtain on consignment one of the most valuable examples of a Thomas Jefferson autograph.  It sold for $226,871.  In fact, it didn’t even have a Thomas Jefferson autograph.  He wrote the letter entirely in his hand but he did not sign it.  In autograph trade terms, that is called a…

Super Bowl Ring Auction for Ray Guy Gave the Punter Almost $100,000

In August 2011, we had a Super Bowl ring auction for the famous punter, Ray Guy, of the Raiders and his three rings brought almost $100,000.

The description read:

Three stunning Raiders championship rings owned by Raiders punter Ray Guy. The first is from the Raiders’ 1977 Super Bowl XI win over the Minnesota Vikings. The 1977 Super Bowl was the first championship for the Raiders, who defeated the Vikings 32-14. The gold ring, size 13.25, reads “Oakland Raiders World Champions” on t…

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