Albert Einstein Autograph

Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed: The Personal is Political

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We sold this Albert Einstein autograph letter for $13,045:

Albert Einstein Letter Signed From 1939 — Defending His Jewish Heritage — ”…The power of resistance which has enabled the Jewish people to survive for thousands of years…”

Fantastic Albert Einstein autograph on a typed letter signed ”A. Einstein” upon his…

Albert Einstein, Revealing the Personal in the Political

Theory of Relativity, E=Mc2, Nobel Prize — Albert Einstein produced the pillars and foundations of modern physics and quantum mechanics to this day — and he did so against the backdrop of a looming WWII — and the rise of the Nazi party in Germany — which Einstein, a German, reviled.

In 1933 Hitler rose to power, and Einstein, now a visiting in the U.S. scholar, refused to return to Germany and renounced his citizenship in a public display — through letters, speeches and the like. Thoug…

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