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Abraham Lincoln Autographs Are the Most Wanted Autographs

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In the autograph community, the most popular autograph is an Abraham Lincoln autograph.  Luckily, Abraham Lincoln autographs are quite plentiful.  Even with his early death, he signed so many documents and letters as President, legal drafts before his Presidency and even some checks and photos.  Here are some of the Abraham Lincoln autographs that we have sold:

Abraham Lincoln Autograph Letter Signed as President — Lincoln Comes to the Aid of a “Minuteman of ’61”

Abraham Lincoln autograph letter signed as President, dated 1 October 1861, to Secretary of War Simon Cameron. From the Executive Mansion, Lincoln entreats Cameron to help Benjamin F. Watson, a Minuteman from Massachusetts’ 6th Infantry, to find a new job in the Army after his 90 day service expired. In full, “My Dear Sir: The Post-Master General and myself have especial reasons for wishing to oblige Mr. Benjamin F. Watson, of Lawrence, Massachusetts. He has been appointed an Assistant Paymaster or Pay. M. of Volunteers; but he wishes the same position in the regular Army. If there is any vacancy, not committed to any other person, let Mr. Watson have it. If there be no such vacancy, oblige him as far as you can, by sending him to service at the place which suits him best. Yours truly, A. Lincoln”. Watson had been a Postmaster in Lawrence, Massachusetts under Presidents Pierce and Buchanan, but lost that position when he accepted a commission as Lt. Colonel in the Sixth Massachusetts Infantry — the Minutemen of ’61, a 90-day regiment that was the first to heed the urgent call for service by Lincoln in April 1861 (it had actually been organized in January 1861 in preparation for possible war). When Watson’s 90-day service was up he found himself out of a job, thus Lincoln’s unusual intercession on his behalf. After Watson’s service as Paymaster ended in 1864, he would return as Postmaster to Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he also purchased the Lawrence Sentinel newspaper. This handwritten letter measures approximately 8″ x 10″ and bears a Philp & Solomons stationers seal at top left. In near fine condition with no notable defects. Single page with blank integral leaf, ideal for framing. An exceptional and moving war-dated letter by President Lincoln.


This sold in 2011 for $20,939.  Today, it would be worth closer to $24,000.

Abraham Lincoln Lengthy Handwritten Endorsement Signed — Lincoln Appoints the Nephew of Abolitionist Senator Benjamin Wade as Pressure to Emancipate Intensifies

Exceptional Civil War-dated handwritten endorsement signed by Abraham Lincoln as President, dated 17 September 1862, five days before Lincoln issued the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. Endorsement is written on the verso of a two-page letter by Secretary of the Interior Caleb Smith, recommending the appointment of J.W. Brigsten, nephew of powerful Radical Republican Senator Bejamin Wade who chaired the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War. Lincoln’s endorsement reads in full, “If another Assistant Paymaster is needed, let Mr. Brigsten be appointed. He is a relative of Senator Wade (though residing in Penn) in whom I know the Senator feels a deep interest. / A. Lincoln / Sept. 17, 1862”. Secretary Smith’s letter, dated 12 September 1852, reads in part, “To the President / Sir / J. W. Brigsten Esq, a nephew of Senator Wade has been employed during the past year as a Clerk in the Census Office but in consequence…of the completion of the work I have been compelled to discontinue him…I respectfully recommend his appointment as a Paymaster in the Volunteer Forces for which I think he is admirably qualified.” Senator Benjamin Wade of Ohio was one of a minority of Radical Republicans who often criticized Lincoln for his pragmatist approach to slavery, even saying of the President that his views on slavery “could only come of one born of poor white trash and educated in a slave State.” A powerful member of the Senate however, Lincoln had to mollify him as best he could, especially during this time when heavy pressure was being exerted on the President to emancipate the slaves, a politically unpopular cause which Lincoln personally supported. Lincoln’s opportunity would come just days later, after the first major Union victory at Antietam. Document measures 8″ x 10″, beautifully double matted and framed to a size of 38″ x 20.5″. Framed presentation includes copies of both pages of Smith’s letter, a descriptive plaque and a portrait of Lincoln. Endorsement is in very good condition, with a light brush to first initial of signature, a few small areas of ink erosion, and overall light showthrough from writing on verso.


This endorsement signed is lengthy so it sold for $10,745.  However, most shorter endorsements are worth just $5,000 – $6,500.

We have sold many Abraham Lincoln autographs that are documents signed such as below:



In near-mint condition, they can sell for $6,000 – $8,500 and in poorer condition just $5,500 – $6,000.


Checks are selling for $6,000 – $9,000 each.

Here is just a signature that we sold.43300_med

It sold for $4,061.

For all of the Abraham Lincoln autographs that we have sold since February 2012, please see this link:


If you are looking to auction, buy, consign or sell an Abraham Lincoln autograph, please contact Nate@NateDSanders.com.

To view the current selection of Presidential autographs and memorabilia including Abraham Lincoln autographs, please click here.

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charlie mcdonald —

I recently purchased a new (used) home. In the home was left many autograph photo with the last owner, with many celebities music, political t.v. and movies stars etc. She was an Airline attendant for many years and had many photos of her with celebrities, many are signed. example Pres. Nixon and press. carter, Charleston heston, fred Murray Phylis Diller Tony Bennet etc. Are these pics of any value?

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Susie —

Dear Nate,
I recently received my Grandmothers White House collection of Presidents memorabilia. She retired in 1975. I have many pictures of Presidents Nixon,Johnson and Ford.There are also many family photos along with Christmas cards, etc. etc. All the many photos have the White Hose stamped on the back. Please contact me if you are interested in helping me handle this. Thank you for your time
-Susie Mayhew

Ps. My Grandmother worked for the Treasury Dept. Pres. Nixon did really cool Christmas card of previous Presidents.

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