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Apollo 15 Flags Galore — Let the Countdown to Bidding Begin

The Apollo astronauts had to pack light as they made their way up to the moon at 18,000 miles per hour in their various journeys through space history.

Thus, mementos from their epic journey had to be paper thin and feather-light. As there were stringent volume and weight limits for the astronauts’ Personal Preference Kits that they carried with them on flights, these flags and covers became mementos marking the journey in a lightweight way.

In our November auction, we’re auctioning an incredible collection of 100+ Apollo 15 flown flags from various countries commemorating the 1971 Apollo 15 mission, or the 9th manned mission in NASA’s space program, and the fourth to land on the moon.

Each flag is signed and inscribed: “Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15 Al Worden CMP”  and includes a COA by Comnand Module Pilot Worden. Like this rare American flag flown on the Apollo 15 mission.

It was the first of what were termed “J missions“, long stays on the Moon, with a greater focus on science than had been possible on previous missions.

via AlWorden.com

In addition to the flags, we’re auctioning a signed insurance cover, canceled 26 July 1971 and signed by all three crew members: “Dave Scott”, “Al Worden” & “Jim Irwin”.

These flags are incredibly scarce, as they come only from the astronauts themselves. This “Space Flown Artifacts” article describes that “virtually no flown foreign flags from the Official Flight Kits ever make their way to market, which leaves the only potential source of flown foreign flags being those carried in the astronaut PPKs.”

These flags have had major prices realized in past auctions. One Japanese flag carried aboard the Apollo 15 mission and signed by Al Worden we auctioned for and impressive $2,533.

Another Apollo 14 American flag flown to the moon and carried upon its lunar surface was auctioned for an incredible $17,500. The flag was signed by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14 who spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands region and becoming the sixth person to walk on the Moon.

We auctioned a stunning United States flag flown to the moon on Apollo 11 during the historic 1969 mission for $21,013.20.

And a second Apollo 11 flag flown to the moon during the historic 1969 mission for $23,033.

In a previous auction, we also sold another Apollo 15 flown American flag signed for $3,691.20

And an Apollo 7 flown U.S. flag signed by Lunar Module Pilot Walter Cunningham sold for $1,789.20.

This NPR story describes the continuing appreciating value of the flags and covers, as Collect Space founder Robert Pearlman describes:  “About five years ago, you could buy an American flag that flew on the first space shuttle mission — of which there were 10,000 onboard — for about $500,” explains Pearlman. “Today, you’re lucky if you can find it for less than $1,000.”

Let the countdown to bidding begin!

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Jason —

Hello, are any of the Apollo 15 flown country flags available at prices lower than the auction starting bids? I was looking to acquire one for $800. Thanks!

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